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Thursday, March 01, 2018


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Using easier sentence structures to reduce words and decrease the usage of unnecessary words without changing its meaning.

Hi Simon,

I'm sorry to post here about different topic,
I took ielts exam on 14th of Feb, and I got this question for writting task2 (not exactly all words were same)

"Nowadays employers focus on the education qualification more than qualities such as life experience or good personalities from employees.
Why does it happen?
Is this positive or negative?"

This question is kinda new to me,
I'd appriciate if you could give some model answer.

Thank you.

Im really sorry, I should have posted at least on the task2 page. I got confused...
I'm sorry...

Hello Simon,
I'd like to ask your question : " Over the following five years, spending by all three types of traveller increased dramatically, to peaks of around $330, $270 and $220. However, visitor spending suddenly fell again between 2003 and 2005."
- ( to peaks of...) why use (to + peaks) in this case.


"increased to peaks of" crops up 239 times on Google books.


"increased to a peak of" comes up over twenty-one thousand times.


I guess that makes it fairly normal English.

Thanks Sunita.

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