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Saturday, November 11, 2017


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Yes, I like it when rains.

1. Yes, I like it when it rains, because it makes the weather awesome.
2. People usually say that the environment affects our mood and I am with this statement.
3. After a few seconds, it started raining and I was beaten heavily.
4. Taichung, my city, only rains in the summer.
5. I don't like the rainy days because when it drops on my face, it makes me feel sticky.
6. I've got caught in the rain several times because I got nothing to cover myself at that time.

1. I like it when it rains.
2. I agree that one's environment affects one's mood.
3. It began raining after a few seconds and I was heavily beaten.
4.It only rains in summer in my city, Taichung.
5. I don't like the rain because my face feels sticky when it touches it.
6. I've been beaten by the rain, severally.

This is my ideas:

1. I love rain very much/ I like rain very much.

2. It is sometimes said that the weather brings different emotions to each individual person.


4. Taichung, which is the city where I live, usually gets rain in the summer.

5.I'm not really keen on rainy days as I've to delay going out on business.

6. In fact, this is my sentence so I'm looking forward to getting the correction from you, teacher Simon.
Thank you all very much.

2 Taichung city, which I live, here only rain in summer.

Taichung city rain season in summer, which I live.

5 I don't like the raining days because I feel sticky when the rain dropping on me.


First, I'll try to explain the problems.

1) Add the word "it" after "like". Also, change "it makes the weather awesome" - this is a very strange expression, and it doesn't explain why you like rainy weather.

2) You can say "I'm with you" when you agree with someone, but I wouldn't normally say "I am with THIS".

3) Write "a few". Also, change "I was beaten" - this sounds a bit funny or strange, even if you're using it in a figurative way.

4) The city doesn't rain! "It" rains in my city.

5) "let me feel" should be changed to "it makes me feel". I would also change "dropping" and "feel sticky". We need to find a 'more English' way to express these ideas.

6) "so far as" doesn't work in this context.

FROM SIMON (continued)

So, here are my corrected versions:

1) Yes, I like it when it rains because it makes the air feel clean and fresh.

(Note: I added my own ending, instead of using the "awesome" idea)

2) People say that the environment affects people's mood, and I agree with this.

3) After a few seconds it started raining and I was drenched.

4) In my city, Taichung, it only rains in the summer.

5) I don't like rainy days, because I hate feeling wet and sticky.

6) I've been caught in the rain several times when I had nothing to cover me.

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