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Sunday, October 01, 2017


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1 present tense
2 future tense (negative)
3 past tense
4 present
5 future tense
6 present
7 Past perfect progressive
8 zero conditional + present tense
9 future continuous

1 present tense
2 future tense (negative)
3 past tense
4 present
5 future tense
6 present
7 Past perfect progressive
8 zero conditional + present tense
9 future continuous

Present Continuous
Future Simple
Past Simple
Present Simple
Future Simple
Present Simple
Present Perfect
Present Simple
Future Continuous

1. Present continuous
2. Future
3. Past
4. Present
5. Future
6. Present
7. Present perfect
8. Simple present
9. Future continuous

1. Present continuous tense
2. Simple future tense
3. Simple paste tenser
4. Simple present tens
5. Simple future tense
6. Simple present tense
7. Present perfect tense
8. Simple present tense
9. Future continuous tense

1. Present progressive
2. Simple future
3. Simple past
4. Simple present
5. Simple future
6. Simple present
7. Present perfect
8. Simple present
9. Future progressive

It's not so much the names, but how to choose the right tense quickly in the speaking test !

1.Present continuous
2.Future simple
3.Past simple
4.Present simple
5.Future simple
6.Future simple
7.Present perfect
8.Conditions tense
9.Future continous


People use different names, but here's what I call the tenses above.

1. I'm writing = present continuous

2. I won't be able = future simple

3. I told you I was going = past simple (told) and past continuous (I was going)

4. who's playing this Saturday = present continuous for a future plan / event

5. you'll be = future simple

6. starts = present simple used for a future event

7. I've been asked = present perfect PASSIVE

8. if you're free on Saturday = present simple used as part of a conditional about the future

9. he'll be going = future continuous

I don't think anyone who commented above mentioned the use of the present simple and continuous for future plans and events.

1. Present continuous
2. Future simple
3. Past simple
4. Present continuous for a near future event
5. Future simple
6. Present simple
7. Passive present perfect
8. Present simple for a near future event
9. Future continuous

You were supposed to receive a friend at the airport. But, for some reasons you are unable to do so. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter
– explain why you can’t come,
– guide them regarding other options to get to your home,
– describe the plans/visits you made to show them around when your friend arrives.

Dear Honey,
How are you? I know you will be excited to visit India next month. I am writing this letter to tell you that I will not be able to receive you at Airport as I have very important exam on same day which is compulsory for every student. otherwise I have to wait for next two years. But don’t worry I have arrange something else to pick you up from the Airport.
When you will reach airport my brother will be there to receive you from the airport to my home. I have already given him your flight schedule and timing of your arrival. Till then you may take rest in my home and have lunch with my family.
In the evening, I will reach home and will enjoy a lot with you. I have made so much big plans to enjoy with you. First we will go to religious place to pay obeisance. Further, we will enjoy dinner in your favourite restaurant, hope your remember.
So will meet you very soon. Bye.
Love you,

Sir please check this and email to me

Thank you very much Simon for creating this website and teaching lot of valuable tips. I usually do not write posts/reviews but this time i could not stop myself and i had to write a thank you note to you. I can't stop insisting my friends to follow your website to learn the best writing methods. My writing score was 6 - 6.5 all the time and because of which i had to retake my IELTS exam multiple times. But after looking at your website, my writing skills in IELTS general exam has improved and it become so consistent. I was able to score 8. It was worthwhile studying your course.

I really appreciate the effort that you had taken to teach millions of students like me.

Thank you very much.

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