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Thursday, September 07, 2017


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Hi Simon,

Isn't it necessary to paraphrase the reasons and issues mentioned in the charts?


Please simon send writing task and speaking topics can entered in your website


There are lots of examples of paraphrasing in my answer, but we need to be very careful with the names of categories / items on the chart.

As a general rule, I'd say that you DON'T need to paraphrase those words, and you're in danger of confusing the reader if you do. So, while it's fine to change "price" to "cost", I wouldn't try to paraphrase something like "space for pedestrians" - if you write something like "room for walking", it's going to seem strange.

Remember, the items / categories on charts are often names (e.g. countries, product names etc.), and you can't change these.

Can you find all the other examples of paraphrasing that I used in my answer?

Hi Simon,

My essay has been commented that it is informal and not adequate for Writing task 2 and I dont know what I should do to fix it.

And could you give me some online sources offering Writing task 1 topics, particularly in progress and map?

Could you or anybody on this website help me? Thank you so much!

Thank you, Simon.
That's very clear explanation.
I thought that sort of "paraphrasing" would impress examiners but as you said, inappropriate paraphasing can put writers in danger of confusing readers or making expressions seem weird.

Dear Sir Simon,
As you have written a wonderful sample for writing task 1. In this connection, could you please tell me that how much time do you usually spend when you write both tasks?(academic writing task 1 and 2)

Click on "IELTS Task 1" , "IELTS Task 2", and "Questions/Advice" in the left side bar on this page; going through the material should give you a good idea of how to improve.

Hi Simon,

I just completed a report (bar chart and line graph) and wrote 226 words. I know there is no upper word limit, but, isn't that considered too much for writing task 1? Note that I didn't contain every little detail and did what that task asked me to (summarise the main features and make comparisons where relevant)

Hello simon. Im just wondering about the phrases, "one in 10" and "one in five". Im trying to think how you came up with that. Thanks!

Hi Simon.
I'm Bora. I have a question while I was readling.

In the last paragraph and last sentence, you wrote "Finally, a total of 14% of those surveyed thought that access to public transport or space for pedestrians were the most important travel issues."
But the most important issue is price in this case so I think you have to say "these issues were the most important "for 14% of those who surveyed thought that access to public transports or space for pedestrian."

To be honest, I think you are not wrong but I'm wondering why you mentioned like that.

Thank you =)

Hi Simon Sir,
please clearfy this sentences
Almost one in five people cited safety as their foremost travel concern.

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