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Sunday, August 13, 2017


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Took exam
Drink coffee
Have impact

These sentenses can be corrected:
1. I took/retook the IELTS exam last week.
2. I usually have/drink a cup of coffee in the morning.
3. This will have a negative impact on people.
These sentenses remind us of using correct collocations in the writing essay. :)

1.I took the IELTS exam last week.
2.I usually drink a cup of coffee in the morning.
3.This will cause/have a negative impact on people.

Learned new things

but how can we understand the correct collacations while speaking or writing! is there any list to follow?

1. Took
2. Have
3. Bring about

Hi Simon,

I'm learning your 13-sentences writing. Can I apply it to any style question (discuss both/argument/report) ?





Hi Simon,
Could you please advice about the sentence number 3. Is it possible if I write " This will impact on people" instead of "This will have an impact on people". Are they sumilar meaning.
I appreciate your help.
Thank you !

1. I took the IELTS test last week
2. I usually have a cup of coffee in the morning.
3. This will cause a negative consequence on people.

I would have written as above.

1. Took/sit an exam
2. Have a cup of coffeew/ drink coffee
3. Have impact on

1. took an exam
2. drink coffee
3. have an impact

1. took/had, exam/test
2. drink/have , coffee
3. have/cause, impact.

Dear Simon
my answers are as blow:
have or drink


1.Took exam
2.Drink/have coffee, or take a cup of coffee
3.Have impact on

Happy Independence day to Pakistan!
14 August 1947! :)

1.took the exam
2.have a coffee
3.have impact


1. took exam
2. drink coffee
3.make a negative impact

I had the IELTS exam last week.
I usually have a coffee in the morning.
This will has a negative effect on people.



1. I took the IELTS exam last week.
2. I usually drink a coffee/take a cup of coffee in the morning.
3. This will have a negative impact on people.

1. I took the IELTS exam last week
2. I usually have a cup of coffee in the morning
3. It will bring a negative impact on people

1.Took 2.Have 3.Have

1. Took 2. Drink 3.Have

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