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Thursday, July 13, 2017


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Hi Simon,
Could you please answer my question?
Is it ok if I describe each school for each paragraph?
Thank you so much! Have a nice day!

Hi Simon,

In your answer, the areas of reading ability and handwriting are skipped. Could we do the same in the real test?

Hi Simon,

I have a question about 'unpaid work' essay

I don't know why you write this idea in your third paragraph. (parents, who would not want to be told how to raise their children.)

Is there any linkage between the raise of their children and unpaid work?

Hello Simon!
Thank you that you have taken into consideration this type of question. Now it is more clear. So we can skip some insignificant information and to group similarities like this if they are many: ...between 30 and 40 per cent... ( more datas in short expressions) or to list them like this: ...saw falls of 22%, 15%, 14% and 5%...


Don't list too many individual numbers, or you can be penalised for focusing on details rather than main features.


Simon is saying that forcing children to do unpaid work might upset parents because some parents might not want their children to experience unpaid work as part of their upbringing.


It is absolutely fine to describe each school in a separate paragraph. Just make sure you include some comparisons between the schools, especially in the second body paragraph.


If I had had more time, I would have mentioned the two categories that I missed. However, one of the skills that task 1 is testing is your ability to select what you will include in your answer, bearing in mind that the 20-minute time limit restricts you so much. In my answer above, I chose to write about the figures that changed, because these seemed more important.

Hi Simon,
I'm just wondering about the last paragraph, in the second sentence you wrote: "instructions fell by 24% in school A, and this school also saw falls of 22%, 15%, 14% and 5% ".Why did you see "fell and falls - the past and the present to describe the same thing?

Hello, is there any difference between using 'proportion of' and 'proportions of'?


Hello Sjm,
Thank you so much for your reply! Have a good day! :)


"fell" is the past simple tense of the verb, but "falls" is a plural noun, not a verb.

A fall = noun
Falls = plural noun



One is singular and one is plural. I think I used "proportions" when refering to more than one percentage.

Dear Simon,
As you said, "one of the skills that task 1 is testing is your ability to select what you will include in your answer" then which band score for task achievement in your essay above when you skipped two categories of the table?

thank you.

Hey Simon
in the first sentence of the overview you haven't said (higher proportions THAN SCHOOL B)
could you explain that please

hi simon,
you are really great

Hi Simon,
I have a question regarding to the numbers. Actually, I don't think they represent percentages, I think they are just exact numbers of students. What do you think?

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