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Sunday, July 30, 2017


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Thank you for your kind words, Evan. I am flattered to have your attention. It is Simon who constructed the path to our success and we are all much obliged to him for his invaluable lessons.

hello every one,
I want to take IELTS test but I cannot, because I have stress and don't know how can I improve my IELTS skills.
please, help me, if any body read my comment.
can you help me how can I manage my time for learn English and what should I learn.

thank you

Thank you James Z. I read most of your comments on this site and realized that your journey had been similar to me. Many times you posted "tired", "frustrated", as how I felt the same. But your sharing when you passed really motivated me. I believe that if you, me and many others following this blog could overcome the difficult nature of IELTS, anyone who work hard will certainly be successfull

Thats very encouraging. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Evan. Wish you all the best.

Great. Congratulations. Hard works alway pays off

Congratulations Evan .

I am not as hardworking as most of you out there ( July's temperature makes me sluggish and I gave myself a good summer break oops EXCUSES again :)

Does anyone have a lazy learning for hot summer ? Just trick my brain to learn more without thinking I am actually preparing for a boring British test ?

Congrats Evan! Your words are really inspiring and demonstrates how useful and impacting Simon's tips and advice have enriched you. I also share the same with you.

Wish you a successful adventure.

thank you so much for sharing your experience!

I am sorry for posting about something else.
Since I'm learning English for IELTS as well, I couldn't help but notice this point and would be appreciated if anyone could clarify it to me.

Is this sentence grammatically correct?
My journey to achieving my IELTS goal has been very difficult and frustrating as I have been stuck with either writing or reading".
I think it should be "frustrated", not "frustrating".

I've never taken any real IETLS test. So I am sorry if I am wrong.

Don't get fooled by other "IELTS TEACHERS" online. They exist for money and fame. Don't waste your money by buying their books and other IELTS preparation materials. I've been there, I've done that.

One simple thing to do, "TRUST SIMON and his website".

Enough said.

hi Evan! Congrats! what was your initial level in october 2016 when you start to study? Thank you

waaaw ,those words really inspired me to go on
thanks man and good luck

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