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Wednesday, June 07, 2017


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People have different views about homework as many persons want to have homework of youngsters as a part of their study, but some others contend that minors should not be allowed for study at home. I completely believe that all study must be complete at school and certainly no further homework at home.

It is said by numbers of people that minors should not have homework as a part of their study. However, some others think that it is imperative for youngsters to have homework as to their syllabus.
People have different views about homework as many persons want to have homework of youngsters as a part of their study, but some others contend that minors should not be allowed for study at home. I completely believe that all study must be complete at school but certainly, some part of extra homework should remain for home.
People disagree as to homework of children at home because ofa variety of reason. Firstly, they think that it may have detrimental effect while minors want some relax time when they are at home. Take for instance, in Finland, children are free from any kind of homework rather than they are allowed to play and involvedd in extracurricular activities during their class time. Secondly, school teachers are not taught much as they provide plenty of homework which is merely a burden that leads to the loss of healthy physique. Thirdly, children do not get enough time for outdoor play due to study pressure at home. Finally, proper physical and mental growth only can be possible through let them free from any work or routine home study.
Despite the above argument, I support the views that, some homework that children can perform, and are must need work which requires revision. For example, regarding the mathematical study, needs more and more practice so that it can be absorbed easily. A few minutes study of a particular subject what they have learned from class may increase their understanding of concerning subject. If they study homework at home, their self-confidence will be increased and presumably, they perform well during their class. This approach educates the minors how to work lonely, and however help them to make a self-dependable individual.

In conclusion, deliberate homework is unnecessary, and it’s triggered to a bad impact on children but judicious homework which is practical and influenced by positive means regarding children’s mental and physical health.

An essay built on "Simon style" writing. Hopefully, everybody comment on my process.
People have different views with regard to the question of whether or not children should be given homework. While some assume that it would be necessary for school children to get homework, I believe that children should be able to study without doing homework.
On the one hand, homework assignments are good opportunities to practise a wide variety of subjects. These subjects provide children with the large extent of knowledge which are useful to explain interesting natural phenomena such as rainbow, lightning and so forth. Furthermore, the aim of homework is to train children to become thorough, hard-working people in the future. As a result of improving personalities and skills, a few of these children now become good-qualified doctors. Finally, their parents feel happy and proud of them because they consider the responsibility of learning above all.
On the other hand, the main reason why I believe that children should be free from homework is that learning at school is time-consuming enough. Instead of taking more time to do homework, it is worth their while in order to socialize with their friends, live with their family and enjoy their hobbies as much as possible. For example, active boys devote themselves to really interesting and unbelievable ideas becoming reality and changing the entire world afterwards. In terms of science, there is more to being successful scientists than working exercises hard. Moreover, children spend great time to appreciate the love which their parents give.
In conclusion, although it might seem important for children to do homework, I personally prefer studying without homework so that children have time to feel other great things in this world.

People have different opinions about children's homework should be given by teachers or not. I think homework for children is a good way to review their study, but the drawback is they do not have enough time to enjoy themselves at their early age. In my opinion, children should have more time to explore the world not just spend their time on homework.
There are several advantages for children who given homework from their teachers.
Firstly, doing homework it is an important way to review their daily study from school. Such as homework is read an article link to their daily course because the article will give many examples to explain the idea or opinion what they learned, it is a good way to help them to understand the knowledge from the course.
Secondly, for the particular course, such as mathematics homework can give them a chance to practice the method which they learned at class.
On the other hand, there are some drawbacks from homework, children's after school time occupied by homework; they do not have extra or spare time to play games such as outdoor activities, and they do not have enough time to develop their hobbies or interests, for example, instrument and drawings.
Children spend their most of time at home after class to finish their homework just repeat knowledge they already know; they could lose their chance and time to build their life-skills from house work such as clean their study room and arrange book storage by themselves.
In conclusion, children should give less homework from teachers, in that case, they can have more time spend on what they interest and explore the world from their perspective.

Hi Simon
How I have to answer this question

The number of overweight children in developed countries is increasing.so.e people think this is due to problems such as regrowing number offset food outlets. Others believe that parents are to blame for not looking after their children's health.
To what extent do you agree with these views?

Any one Pls reply
How I have to answer this question? Discuss both views or agree disagree format I have to use?

Sir,could you Pls discuss the above mentioned type question. I haven't seen this type of question because it has asked to what extent agree with these views, so whether I have to discuss about both views or else I have to support one view point? Confused about this question, Pls clear my query
Thanks in advance sir

Homeworks are essential to support for students'studying process. Some people argue that we should ignore the appreance of homeworks but others refuse to confirm the importance of this exercise at home. I am of the opinion to support for the later view.

People disagree for several reasons. Firstly, homeworks do not improve educational outcomes. Let's take Finland as an example. It is undeniable that without homeworks and a comprehesive programmes are set up, students feel happy and be satisfied with their seats at school. Secondly, as the reason taht the school day is long so students are tired. Scientists have shown that the play time is equally beneficial for development of children.

In spite of above arguments, I am of the idea that homework is necessary. In the first place, homework encourages independent learning, especially enhancing problem solving skill. thansk to doing and expanding exercises, students have the chance to apply knowledge learnt in class, which assists to consolidate the knowledge background. For example maths is just theory if students do not take time practicing and training their skills by doing exercise in textbook. As the result, the process of studying and reviewing by doing and repeating the tasks on workbook, students have the base to learn to work alone as adults.

to put it into nutshell, the imporatance of homework is well seen thansk to the constant practice of students. This process and traning help students have grown foundation to continue thier studying and development.

Incorrect: large extent of knowledge which are useful to explain interesting natural phenomena such as rainbow, lightning and so forth
Correct: large extent of knowledge which is useful to explain interesting natural phenomena such as rainbow, lightning and so forth.
Incorrect: without homeworks and a comprehesive programmes
Correct: without homework and comprehensive programs
Incorrect: feel happy and be satisfied with their seats
Correct: feel happy and are satisfied with their seats
Incorrect: As the result,
Correct: As a result,

Dear Mr.Simon
I'm a begginer. Hope your advice! Thank you <3
People have differents views about children's assignments after school. Some people think students should be given homework by their teachers while others supposed that is not required. I would argue that children should be provided homework.

On the one hand, there are several reasons why people disagree with homework.The first reason is homework does not improve children's education outcomes. Scholar may not have an excellent result thanks to homework assignments. For example, according to OECD, Finnish students have the least amount of homework in the world even no testing. However, Finland education still stay on the top of the whole world. Additionally, children seem feel out of energy after school hours. They need time for relax such as play sports, games, listening music or spending time with their friends, their families. It is essential for children's health as well as for their passion.

However, I believe students should be given homework because of some reasons. Firstly, homework is the good way for children encourage their independent learning. By this way, students can re-learn what had been taught at school, and may be find a better solution to improve their abilities. Not only that, but homework also help them apply knowledge into real life. Therefore, children can be more independently, and work alone as adults.

In conclusion, I think school masters should given students homework.

People have different views regarding whether students should have their homework at home or not. In my opinion, homework should be compulsory for every student but it should be in limits. (31)

There are various reasons why students should need to do homework. Firstly, its beneficial for students because whenever they missed any lecture material then they can easily recover that information by doing their homework or learning at home. Secondly, students can learn many life skills by doing their homework which will assist them later in life such as, time management,problem solving, meeting deadlines and doing things by alone. Finally, homework also help them to achieving rewarding marks in the examination.(81)

In spite of above arguments, there are some people who don't want that their children's have to do homework. The most obvious cause of this is that, they think that their children's always have to do lots of study in the classroom, so there is no need to give them a homework at home. Furthermore, they think that students should utilize their spare time by enjoying or playing with friends, which will help them in refresh their mind and also increase their creative think power instead of just doing homework. For example, in Finland, students don't have to do homework and also have a short classes time and as a result of these their students got a effective marks in the exams and their education system is also at top in world. (132)

In conclusion, it seems to me that teachers should give homework to school pupils but make it easy to do for everyone. (22)

266 words

People have different views whether children who attend school should be given homework or not. While i agree that homework can be stressful,i disagree that school children should not receive homework.
There are several reason for which some parents think that homework is bad for their children. Firstly, homework can be stressful in some cases. Usually school children are given a lot of homework to do by their teachers, and they also have to prepare for multiple subjects. Furthermore, there is the matter of the deadline, which can add even more pressure on the already stressed child. Secondly, children could use more free time for resting and doing other activities. Class hours are already long, and children usually get home tiered after a school day, so instead of having homework to do they could rest or relax by playing sports or games.
Despite the above arguments i believe that homework is an important part of children development and education. Homework develops the sense of responsibility in children as they grow up by getting the used with a daily routine. It also helps them to develop skills necessary in adult life like planning and doing research. For example, when children are faced with homework they need to plan their time in order to finish the task they've been given, and do some research in order to resolve them. They also have to apply the things they learned in class, and indirect that helps them memorize the thing they studied.
In conclusion, even though i accept that there are some disadvantages in children receiving homework, i strongly believe that homework is necessary for school children.

Dear Sujit,
Thank you so much for your help.
I wondered if I can do anything to return your review?

I had academic test and I’m planning to have general test. I’m familiar with both, and I know the difference in writing tasks.
My question is:
1. If someone who had score 6.5 in academic writing, can be considerated for 7.5 general writing. I mean capable to get higher higher score.
For example, like if you are having intermediate course your essay mark based on the level of your study and for same essay you will get less mark if you are having advance course.

Dear Simon/SJM/Others,

Please find my essay below. I am waiting for your valuable comments/feedback.

People have different views with regards to the question of whether school pupils should have to do homework. Although there are good arguments in favor of children do not need homework, I personally believe that some homework is necessary for the education.
There are various reasons why people disagree with homework. Firstly, they may assert that homework does not improve educational outcomes like knowledge, skills, attitude, and values that school children will need to be successful in work, family and community. For example, in most educationally successful countries in the world like Finland, pupils are assigned very little homework. Secondly, it is unfair to expect students to come home and work for another few hours after seven-eight hours of lessons in classroom. Finally, time spend for extracurricular activities like reading, playing sports or musical instruments, helping with cooking and shopping with family members is equally beneficial for development.
In spite of these arguments, I support the view that it has great advantages for pupils by doing homework. Homework encourages independent learning and improves problem solving skills as they have to complete homework on their own. As well as, it bridges the gaps of learnings at school and reinforces work done in classroom by practicing and applying what they learnt in lessons. For example, practicing math exercises consolidate the skills like creativity and problem solving. As a result, enhancement gain through homework prepare people to work independently as adults.
In conclusion, while there are some reasons to argue that homework does not play an important role in educational development, I completely agree that homework is still vital in school education.

Hi Simon,

I am preparing for the general IELTS. I did not find much information about general task 2 on your website. I am wondering if the task 2 writing is the same for both academic and general.

Thank you.


Homework has long been an approach implemented by most educational organisations. However, there are debates concerning whether young students should be assigned homework or not. Personally, I believe that giving homework would be essential for children.
People disagree with homework for several reasons. Firstly, opponents believe that homework does not always effectively improve educational outcomes. Achievements of countries such as Finland would be a specific example proving that it is unnecessary requiring pupils to do their homework. Secondly, children are often exhausted after school because official study is relatively time-consuming. Finally, it is argued that instead of giving student with loaded homework, students should be given time to play at home since it is equally important for their development.

In spite of the above argument, I support the view that school children should necessarily have homework. Supporters of this views believe that doing homework would help young student to acquire critical skills such as independent learning and problem solving. Moreover, students are able to apply knowledge learnt in the classroom when solving exercises and thus homework helps them to memorise lesson longer. For example, in order to answer math exercises, students would need to consolidate ability to deduce logically and concentrate. as a result, home exercises prepare people essential skills and knowledge for their future career paths.

In conclusion, while many people have different opinions in terms of assigning student homework, my view is that student should be given home exercises.

People have different views about whether teachers should give homework to their students. While homework seems unnecessary to some people, I believe that certain amount of homework would be beneficial for children education.

People disagree with the idea of giving homework for several reasons. Firstly, doing homework does not improve educational outcomes according to some research. In other words, learning academic subjects during school time can fully support students to understand and cover their key subject areas. Achievements of countries like Finland could be seen as a good example. Secondly, school is just as demanding as a full time job, and children are too tired to do extra studies after school. Teachers should not therefore expect students to do homework. Whenever they have free time, children should be encouraged to simply enjoy with their friends or doing their hobbies.

In spite of the above arguments, I believe that some extent of homework is necessary for students, and that would be helpful for their future as adults. Homework can offer children a variety of skills and abilities. The main advantage of practising homework is that it encourages them to study independently and solve problems by themselves. Moreover, they would be able to put the theoretical knowledge learnt in the classroom to practice at home. For example, if children are working out maths exercises on their own, this will help building confidence in problem solving. In this way, school children will be better prepared to become competent adults for their future.
In conclusion, although doing extra school lessons at home does not seem essential to other people, I would support some degree of homework to enable our children to learn independently.
(279 words)

Hi Simon, please have a look on this essay

People have different views about the effectiveness of homework in children’s educational developments. While some may argue that this is a waste of time and ineffectiveness, I tend to believe that homework do more good than harm.

There are a variety of reasons why some people argue against giving more home exercises to school pupils. Firstly, homework does not improve or enhance children’s performance at school. Many institutions have seen no apparent changes as regard to educational outcomes. Taking Finland achievements in education as an example, it is true that this nation is applying no homework programme, the secret behind the success of Finland's school system, which makes them become the most prestigious choice of studying overseas. Secondly, school-time nowadays is extremely long-lasting, which sometimes lead to fatigue, poor performance and even bad behaviour at school. Finally, leisure time and hanging out with school peers is equally as beneficial for students’ development as the time spending in classes.

Despite of the arguments mentioned above, I would argue that a specific amount of homework is obviously essential. The main reason is that children can develop and progress entirely at their own pace while solving and handling with schoolwork given to them. This can also be beneficial in terms of applying important knowledge and skills taught in morning lessons. For example, maths definitely encourages school students to improve solving problem ability which can be employed later in the adult life. Having such vital skills on school leavers’ CV can definitely impress many university admission officers or business employers.

In conclusion, while there are some disadvantages of doing a large exercise at home, it is my firm belief that children can benefit better and fully develop when solving these home tasks.
(288 words)

can anyone comment on my writing please??? Thanks a lot!!! just want to know if i'm doing it right or wrong.

Some people think that all teenagers should be required to do unpaid work in their free time to help the local community. They believe this would benefit both the individual teenager and society as a whole.
Do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that other people think it is a necessity for all teenage individual to participate in doing unpaid work during their downtime. Although, it could be an advantage in the part of teenagers and society, I believe that they should not be pushed to do any community service unless they wanted to.

It is true that doing community service could add up to life experience of teenagers because they will be able to meet different kinds of people. However, these young individuals should not be forced to work during their free time because their extra time is the only time they have to enjoy themselves and the company of their family and friends. Teachers in their school already bombarded them with plenty of homeworks and projects, so they also need time to relax and regain their energy. A recent study in my university shows that almost 95% of highscool students would spent their free time going to malls with their friends because it relieves them from stress.

Moreover, in any community there is a group of elected officers, where people living in that place could approach them whenever they have any concerns about the neighborhood. Also, these officers are being paid by the government, that is why teenagers should not be required to do any services in the community for free unless they wanted to wholeheartedly because it is only a free service after all. Doing something you do not like will not benefit anyone or anything at all due to lack of passion and devotion. In my place for example, teens and other young adults where given a responsiblity in the cleanliness of the surroundings but they minimally done the work because of their hectic schedule at school.

In conclusion, teenagers have so much to accomplish everyday and people in the society should not demand them from spending their free time doing unpaid work in the community, even if it could benefit both parties.

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