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Thursday, March 16, 2017


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Hi simon, i do not think that we need two commas here, can we write this sentence without the second comma ?

Following the estuary rearing period, the maturing salmon migrate to the ocean, where they eventually become fully grown adults

Yes, you can miss that comma.

Thank you so much, Teacher Simon! The essay is wonderful, I have learned to use another 2 new phrases from your essay: travel back upstream and swim downstream.
Hope you will have a nice weekend!

No problem Anh. You too!

Hi Simon,
Thank you for your advice, which is very helpful.
I took IELTS two weeks ago, task 1 was map of a college now and 30 years ago. I tried to describe the changes using passive voice.
Task 2 question was: some developing countries need help from international organizations to develop. Some people believe that this aid should be financial, while others say that practical help and advice will be better. Discuss both views and give your opinion. I wrote a paragraph about financial aid and another one on practical help and I gave my opinion throughout the essay.
I thought I'll get a high score. Unfortunately, I got 6.5 but I need 7. How can I know my weakness, I think I wrote just under 250 words.
I don't know how to improve despite getting 7 when I took the test for the first time 2 years ago.


1. Find out what your problems are. Submit practice writing to an expert teacher who can look at your grammar errors, whether your vocabulary is natural, and whether you are fully answering questions in both Task 1 and 2

2. Use that feedback to practice more, focusing on the areas that you identified in number 1

Hi Simon, with reference to IELTS Cambridge Book 8, Test 1, Writing Task 1 (page 30), the question type is a 2-different charts consisting of a pie chart a table. Should we use present tense for the pie chart (since there is no year mentioned), and then past tense for the table (since it was mentioned 'during the 1990s' in the title)? Thank you.

Hi, Simon, this sentence "Finally, the adult fish travel back upstream to spawning areas of rivers;" should this be like that the adult fishes travel to...? because fish is a countable noun

Dear sjm,
Thank you for your suggestion, I'll try my best

Hi Simon

Thanks for the teaching...
At the last sentence of the second para; if we do not need to put articles before river, estuary and ocean (a,an and the respectively)?

"the salmon develops"
"salmon spend time"

I am confused, is "salmon" singular or plural?

Look up 'salmon' and 'fish' in a dictionary, and you'll see that the plurals are the same.

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