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Thursday, February 16, 2017


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Done with lrw today feb 16 academiic

Our examiner mistakenly told that our time was over in writing task but she immediately realized it and told 5mins more.

I didn't complain though.
Do you think that if they knew about the incident,the examiner will consider that when correcting our papers?

The picture illustrates the stages in the life of a salmon. It can be seen that there are eight distinct stages in this cycle. The process begins with laying eggs into the river, and ends at migration of mature salmon from the ocean to the river.
At the begging of the process, the fish spawning into the river, then the eggs incubate and emergence to the immature form of the salmon. The stages of four and five show rearing in freshwater and in estuary.
At the sixth stage in the process, the fish,in the ocean, migrate to rearing ares. After they become larger and mature, finally they migrate to the river for laying eggs.

The diagram illustrates the life cycle of a salmon, starting from spawning until the fish will reach adulthood.

It can be observed in the picture that most of its life cycle occur in the river, from laying of its egg to rearing in river before it move to the ocean to grow and mature.

The beginning of the cycle starts when an adult salmon lays their egg in the river, then followed by the incubation of the eggs for a certain time before emergence of the fish occurs. The last stage that happen in the river will be the freshwater rearing before they will swim towards the mouth of the river that meets the ocean called estuary where they will stay for rearing.

The last stage will occur in the ocean that begins with the migration of the salmon to its rearing place until they reach to a certain stage of growth and maturity before they migrate to spawning area to begin a new cycle.
165 words

Is this writing task for academic or general or both

The diagram displays the life cycle of a salmon fish from its beginning as an egg up to its adult life.
It clearly shows 3 distinct phases of the fish life cycle. Firstly, the spawning phase, which is the start of the cycle, then the estuary phase which is at middle and lastly the adult rearing phase.
At the spawning cycle, the fish are in pairs, lay eggs and hatches the egg into its young ones, several of them at a time. This whole process occur within the river.
At the next stage (Estuary), the fish migrates to a point at the junction between the river and ocean getting ready for another phase in its cycle (the adult rearing phase). Unlike the case in both spawning and adult rearing phases, the fish is single at the estuary phase.
Lastly, the fish enters the adult rearing phase within the ocean in pairs but tend to grow and mature alone at some point before forming a pair again and migrate back to the initial spawning phase and the continues like that.

Hi Simon,

Here below is my writing. Highly appreciate if you can correct my mistakes:)
The following diagram describes the growth process of salmon from the very initial to final stages. From the diagram, it can be obviously seen that salmon’s life circle consists of two main stages which are river and ocean located activities. Reproducing activities are taken place in river while the growth period arises in ocean area.
At the first stage, mature salmons lay and incubate their eggs. When incubation temperature reaches the certain level, infant salmons emerge and travel to freshwater rearing area. Their size increase slightly at this stage.
At the second stage, after swimming to estuary rearing, young salmons make their ways to penetrate the rearing area of ocean where they fully grow in maturity and size. Once reproducing season comes, mature salmons return to spawining area which is river. Here the adult salmons lay eggs and the whole life cirle starts again.

Please give inputs on this writing .thanks!
Not sure with the nurtured coz its not passive i think

The diagram illustrates the various stages in the life of a salmon. We can see that as the life cycle progress, it travels to the river, estuary,open sea and eventually returns to their place of birth. It is also noticeable that there are 8 main stages in the development of salmon, from eggs to spawning.
The cycle starts when a fully matured salmon lay eggs. It undergoes incubation period and then transform into emergence. Afterwards they swim into the fresh water where it gets nurtured and becomes bigger.
During this stage, it moves into the mouth of the river called “estuary” to find more food to grow. Following this, it develops around twice its size then migrates into the ocean and gradually transition into the next stage of their maturation, the adult salmon. At this stage, it grows larger, about three times longer compared when it is living in fresh water. Finally, it goes back to the river to lay its’ offspring and continue a next generation.

The illustration presents the different phases in the maturation of a salmon.

Overall, there are eight stages in this life cycle. It can be seen that a life process of a salmon begins when it spawns in the river where the maturation and rearing process also take place. Afterwards, the adult fish move to the ocean for growth and development.

First, a mature salmon lays eggs in a river; this is where the incubation period takes place. Next, the eggs hatch and new tiny salmons appear followed by freshwater rearing where the growing salmons are nurtured and being taken care of. When they are acclimated to their natural habitat, the shift from freshwater to the mouth of the river or often called estuary occurs. This is where the growing salmons dwell in and prepare to move to the ocean.

In the subsequent stage, the growing salmons relocate to the ocean’s rearing areas. This is a stage where their development and maturation transpire. The fully grown salmons return to the river and to the spawning areas and the cycle begins again.

The picture illustrates the various stages in the life of a salmon.

Eight main stages in the development of the salmon are shown on the diagram, from eggs to adult fish. It is also noticeable that the cycle begins and ends in the river.

The life cycle of the salmon starts when the female adult lays an egg. After a certain amount of time, each egg hatches and the salmon fry appears.At the third stage of the life cycle, the fry spend a few years in their home stream until it grows in size.

The young adult salmon therefore begins to migrate downstream to the estuary, where the river meets the ocean. The juvenile salmon spends the next half phase of its life into the ocean until reaching maturity. When the adult salmon have finished growing in the ocean, it eventually seeks out the rivers in which it was born to spawn.

The process diagram illustrates, the life cycle of a salmon from spawning till it reaches the adulthood.
There are five different stages , in which the salmon undergoes its development. Among this more than half of the life cycle occurs in the river, whereas, the remaining part it spends in the ocean .
In first step, the adult salmon starts spowning or laying eggs . It is occurring in the river,followed by incubation and the emergence of new young salmon from those eggs .In the next step, it undergoes rearing in both fresh water and in estury where the sea and the river meet together.The young salmon which undergoes rearing then migrates into the rearing areas of ocean for further growth and development. Finally,the adult salmons leave the ocean and return to river for producing the young ones and those adult salmon's start to spawn inorder to begin a new cycle .

anyone please correct me

The graph demonstrates the life cycle of salmon fish from early phases of reproduction until it reaches it's adult form . It is clearly depicts that , salmon's life cycle involves three water bodies ,namely Rivers ,Etuaries and Oceans ,in which early phases of reproduction ,Esuary bearing and Full maturation takes place respectively .

Starting with the fresh water phase,the adult salmon couple ,which has migrated from the Ocean ,engages in a spawning process And the later involves release of eggs by female salmon ,and release of sperm by male salmon to fertilize the eggs .Then after a period of incubation the fertilized eggs Hatch and small fish emerge in to the fresh water .Here ,the newly emerged fishes spend some time growing in the fresh water , and this stage is called fresh water rearing.

In The second phase of its life ,salmon migrates to a second type of water body called Estuary ,which has. mixed fresh and salty water (brackish water) .This phase is called Estuary phase.

The third phase of salmon's life cycle starts when it migrates to yet another water body that has salty water namely the Ocean.Here ,the small fish migrate to rearing sites where they comlete their growth and maturation to reach their full adult form .Finaly , the adult salmon migrate ,just like their parents- to spawning areas in the fresh water (rivers)

Is this sentence grammatically correct?

From the other table recording banana sales in the same two years, we can easily see that the UK among all witnessed the highest rise in revenues. The figure in 2004 was 47 million euros, which more than tripled since 1999.

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