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Thursday, February 02, 2017


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I have problem with task 2 writing, but I can write with task 1
I need some general sentas .

Thank you very much.There is a big problem of my IELTS Preparation in writing that is sentence correction. You are doing a great job.My problem is not vocabulary, it's only sentence formation.
suppose I am writing but nobody is there for correcting my sentence.


It is NOT A GOOD IDEA to learn general or generic sentences (sentences that are usable in any type of essay or topic). Instead, learn topic vocabulary/phrases (vocabularies for a particular topic).

Learn common sentence patterns. If you carefully analyse Simon's sample essays, you can easily find these patterns.

If you are still struggling, may be it is a good idea to find an online teacher who can check your sentences.


so true

Sujit may want to visit this little bobby-dazzler of a page...


task 1 is 30% of the total score, if he did not write task 1 even through he got perfect score for task 2 he will never able to get total mark over 6.5 which very rare.

In writing Task 2 it comprises 66.66% of the total score, while task 1 accounts to 33.33% of the total score. Overall, it sums up to 100%.

Wait, he hadn’t written anything at all? Is that true? Of course he made a terrible mistake. No wonder his score didn't fulfill his expectation.

Exactly AA!

Hi Simon, I'm Dana from Bali, Indonesia. I've been following your website for about 3 months. Thanks for doing these great lessons. I need your comments or anyone here who would like to help. Yesterday, I pushed myself to pratise writing task 1 that I took from Test 3 IELTS Module 9 and I spent much time on it. I wrote 265 words and I know it's not effective. I was thinking that I should minimize the overview. Here is my work. Please leave a comment.

The bar charts compare two countries (Yemen and Italy) in terms of three different age categories of their populations in 2000 and the estimations for the following 50 years.

Overall, there are some differences in the proportions of each age categories between the two countries both in 2000 and 2050. While the biggest and the smallest percentages of Yemen population in 2000 are inhabitants who aged 0-14 years and 60+ years respectively, the respective highest and smallest proportions of Italian in the same year were people with age of 15-59 years and 0-40 years. After the following 50 years, the percentages of populations of the two countries are estimated differently.

In 2000, Yeme’s populations were dominated by people with the age of 0-14 years, which took 50.1% of the populations. In addition, the smallest proportion was those who aged 60+ years, which plotted only 3.6%. Plotted differently in the same year, the majority and the minority of Italian population were individuals with the age of 15-59 years and 0-14 years with respective percentages of 61.6% and 14.3%.

In 2050, while the Yeme inhabitants with the age of 15-59 years and 60+ years are projected to be expanding to 57.3% and 5.7% respectively, the percentage of people who aged 0-14 years is predicted to meet a decline to 37.0%. On the other hand, there is a significant growth of Italian who aged 60+ years, which is estimated, will be growing to 42.3%. However, the population of Italian with the age of 0-14 years and 15-59 years are projected will be decreasing to 11.5% and 46.2% respectively.

Help me please!!! i've taken the ielts test for the second time and still got the same mark in writing which is 5.5. Any solutions or suggestions on how can i improve my score? I'm studying on my own.
I'm so frustrated now..
Thanks in advance for your help!

Writing task1 was my problem in my first attempt last year. I spent almost whole my time writing the 2nd task, as a result I had a few minutes left to do the first one. After result were out, my writing result was awful.

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