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Saturday, February 25, 2017


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Dear Teacher Simon,
So if I do not even look at the exameminer's face once during my speaking, it won't affect my score, right. I find it hard to express my ideas while having to look at others' face at the same time.

Can anyone pls share Listening answer of test on 25 Feb?


Hi simon,
Yesterday i did my ielts exam , the writing task 2 was exactly the same in your blogs fortunately. Thank you soo much

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Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

i wanted to tell you that last year at this time i had already taken the elts test and i have to say i got the score i've wanted, it was even more that i had imagined really! :D and today you came to my mind as i was searching for some word on the int. So, i just wanted to say you've truly been helpful to me, so thank you very very much :)) with best regards :)

Hi Simon and other Guys who are following, It is really a great forum for the IELTS preparation.
Simon is a great person to help so many people who want to clear their IELTS. I loved your selflessness and dedication. God bless you and give lot more energy, enormous knowledge to help to all those who are seeking help from you.
Off course, I am learning and getting lots of help from your blog, apart from that, I am following great Human being. If the world is filled with at least 50% people like you, it will be completely filled with the happiest and productive people

Thank you very much

Hi Simon and other Guys who are following,

I am also looking for speaking practice and writing correction, kindly hook me with someone helpful tutor

Thank you once again

Dear Teacher Simon,
I have been waiting for your lesson for today (Sunday), but I haven't seen your new post. It's a bit untypical of you, because since I followed your website, you have been posting lessons every day.
Are you ill today? I'm worried.
Please take care!
May you have a nice weekend!


Nam Ahn,

Thanks for your concern. I'm fine, I was just away from my computer today. I've published the lesson now.

You don't need to look at the examiner at all while you're answering, but maybe you could look at him / her when you finish an answer - just to show that you've finished speaking.



That was lucky! I hope you remembered some of our ideas.


No problem suanc! I'm glad I helped you to pass.



Thanks for your positive words! For speaking and writing help, just email me and I'll pass you on to one of my colleagues: ieltssimon@gmail.com

Dear Teacher Simon,
Thank you so much! I'm much more relieved now ^^ <3

I agree with SIMON. Please don't get him wrong.
An examiner's smile does not guarantee a good score. He/she might smile back at you but will still give you a low score. On the other hand, their facial expression may look uninterested with your answers but will give you a high mark.

Remember, they are after your usage of English and not how often smile at them.

One last thing, please don't crack jokes. It won't help you.

I remember that about 10 years ago how ielts teachers insisted on speaking while a big smile on your face. Many candidates were trying to apply this tip,pushing themseleves hard to show how friendly they are,while even didnt know a basic grammar to communicate well.!!!all that seemingly effective tip turned out useless while cost candidates a lot.

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