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Friday, February 24, 2017


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Dear sir,i have followed your valuable website for 4months. I took IELTS exam for first time and I got 7 speaking,7 Listening,6 Reading and 5.5 writing. Could you tell me how to improve my writing? I need achieve each band 7 before june for enter the foriegn university to complete my degree. Kind be enough if you can do a session about how to write complex sentences and how to use throught the writing part 1 and 2. God bless.

Dear Simon,
I have received my result today and I got an overall band score of 7. Im kind of disappointed with my writing in which I got just 6.5. But I suppose I should be pleased as I spent just 1 month and a half on the preparation, and as I didn't work really hard. I want to say thank you for creating such a helpful blog and giving us students good advises and clear explainations.

I also want to show my utmost respect to sjm since your support here on Simon's website is the most beautiful thing I have seen as an ielts student. I really appreciate your answers for our questions. Thank you so much for that.

I hope that you will keep up this great work to help more students. Again, thank you two so much.

Yours sincerely


Just keep practising, and focus on expressing good ideas - don't worry about things like "complex sentences". Read what I say about them in this lesson:




Congratulations, you can be happy with a band 7. Thanks for your positive comments!

Dear Simon,
I am a bit worried about the oral test which I took today: in part 2 I have finished all the point I required but it seems the time is not reaching 2 minutes, so the examiner waited me for about 5 seconds, will it has a great impact on my score? Looking forward to your reply.

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