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Friday, January 06, 2017


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2) Do you think it's better to rent or to buy a place to live in?
From my perpective,alought in a short time to rent a place might reasonable and cost less,I lean towards to buy a house because it provides a sense of belonging and I can use the same amount of rental fee to pay the monthly morgage,enventally I could own my personal stlyed shelter,which is a strategy to save money,time and energy to move and decrate rooms and buy new funitures.
3) Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents?
It is a dilemma to say when is the perfect time for a child could leave independently whithout the love from parents because different culture has the different age limitation.Take the Chinese for example,it is the case for young to take the responsibility after 18 years old buy law,but you can commonly say that we live in the enfulence by the tradition that live togeether with the parents as long as possible.

It depends on the situation or budget I think .if someone have to live for short time ,he should prefer rent house rather than buying house but if somebody is going to live for permanently he should buy own house if affordable for him.

I endorse that when young people get enough older age or when they are able to get married then they may live another city as in this age or situation they will be able to understand what is wrong or good for them.

2.Do you think its better to rent or buy a place to live in?

well, it really on many factors as well as the perspective of an individual.There are many factors like financial condition, geographical location this is to say that how far is your native from the place you are staying but most specifically it depends on your economic condition.Moreover its an individuals choice , like for instance i ahve friends who are well settled and financially sound but still wish to stay in rented apartment. However, in my opinion i would definitely like to purchase one.

3 Do you agree that there is a right age when adults should stop living with their parents?

Actually to be fair i think my answer would depend on different circumstances,like, for example if iwould have been staying in western countries then i would agree with the above view .This is due to the reason that it is their culture when children attain a certain age , young adults have to find their own way in life and are not spoonfeed.whereas in contrast if I am brought up in asian countries, i would not mind sharing the space with parents, although as i will be an earning adult i would make my contribution in house expenses but i would stay with my parents.This is because I believe one should stay the way they are nurtured since their childhood and follow their culture with utmost respect .

2) Do you think it's better to rent or to buy a place to live in?
Well I must say having your own house is so much better than renting it, because of many reasons. You might have to pay a certain amount of money every month, which is not different from renting it, but finally you will have a place called home and be free to decorate and arrange it however you want. And when you get older and get marriage, it's even more important to have a house where your family can have a stable life.

3) Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents?
I completely agree with the point that young adults should stop living with their parents when it's suitable. But the exact time can be various, depending on the cultures of their countries in general and families in particular. In Vietnam for example, parents usually want their children, especially their son, to live with them as long as possible even when the son gets married. The daughter may leave when she gets married because she has to live with her husband's family. So it's hard to tell a specific age when people should start to live independently. I think everyone can decide it for themself.

2) Do you think it's better to rent or to buy a place to live in?
In decade ago, I would probably choose to buy one, however,the average price of house become dramatically high recent years. From now, I would choose to rent a house instead of buying one. Because it's too expensive for the young people to afford. Without parents help, it's unlikely to most of the young generation to buy one.

3) Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents?
No, I don't agree there is any particular age for young adults to leave their parents. It depends on different situations of the family. Some people choose to leave home early in order to become independent and pursue their goals. The other who choose to stay with parents are better to take care the families or to reduce expenses on rent , because the price of house is incredibly expensive right now. That's the reason why I think there's no ideal age for leaving original family.

Hi Simon,
In your first sentence, you wrote "it depends on how much money you are able to spend." I'm wondering is it wrong grammar to say "it depends on how..." or it is also acceptable?

I learn from some dictionaries that we should say "it depends how/who/what/if ...", but maybe the additional preposition is also grammatically correct.



Thank you for your teaching.

Hi, Simon! What tips/advices would tou give for a person who has just started to study to the test but will take it in like a month from now? I mean, how could we get the best of this short period of time? (Adding the fact of being a full-time worker haha). I had to choose a super close date bc I will try to apply for a specific scholarship and I'm getting a bit desperate. I have already taken it some years ago so I'm not starting from zero, but the writting and the speaking tests are so scary! I know this is a very specific question but any advice from you would be highly appreciated :)

@Vita: I think both ways are acceptable, the key difference is that 'it depends how/who/whether ...' is a bit less formal and is more often used in spoken language than the other way with the preposition 'on'. That's just my personal opinion, I hope it'll be useful to you in some way.


Natives use both 'it depends on how much' and 'it depends how much'. There is no difference between the two expressions.

If you look at the two links you provide, you can see examples of both.

2.At the moment, I still renting a room for myself, Living in a share house with my flatmate, and it can help me to save a lot of money , and somebut after few years later, when i have a goodand some saving, I maybe will thinking to buy a house.

3.Yes,I agree,I think after graduate from college, young people should move out form their parents house,Try to independn,go to find a job,earn money by themselves,solve the problem,take care themselves,and stop ask supports form parnets.

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Hello guys and ladies,
Why don't you try PTE-Academic!? Which is much easier and fair exam in comparison to IELTS. When it comes to writing, it is much easier and flexible. Try once.

2- Personally, I prefer to live in a neighborhood where it has safety and easy access to amenities and stores rather than living in deprived areas where crime rate is really high. Therefore, with a certain amount of money I'd like to rent a house in a better location.

3-I agree that there should be a certain age for young people to leave their parents' home . living with parents leads to sheer dependency . Thus, young people who are dependence on their parents are more likely to run many financial and emotional problems in future. Having said that, the time to leave home depends on several factors like culture, the economic climate and so on.

I believe that to buy a place to live in is better option then to rent. First of all when you finish to pay your home -it's yours. The second reason is that prices are always climbing and in several years the same apartment will be more expensive.
I personally don't think that there is any correct age for leaving parents' house. The issue is very individual and every family decides and makes their right choice . I think that if grown children choose to start separate and independent life, they should stay as close to the relatives as possible. It provides love and support for both sides.

2) Do you think it's better to rent or to buy a place to live in?
Generally I would say buying your own home tends to be more preferable as opposed to renting. Because you have to pay your rent every month, which costs you money that you could have spent on paying your mortgage. On the other hand, buying your own place saves you the trouble of frequent moving and all the inconvenience that comes with it. That being said, you might want to be meticulous when you try to decide which city you want to live in. There are a lot of stuff to take into account, such as job opportunities, number of schools if you have kids and you are planning for their education and the availability and accessibility of medical care as well. If you make a wrong choice, you might end up leaving your home and starting to rent in another city.

3) Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents?
Actually I don't agree to this, I mean, what would be the criteria of a 'right' age? Well I guess the majority of young adults would prefer to live in their own home apart from their parents, since they tend to have different schedules and different lifestyle as opposed to those of their parents. But in reality, in some cases people who are in their 20s in my country have to live with their parents simply because they can't afford their own apartment or house. Even some married couples. I don't regard this as being wrong because I believe everyone has the right to determine his or her own way of life. And eventually these people would be able to buy their own home, normally when they reach their 30s.

Hi Simon, thank you for the fabulous work you have done here. I really appreciate your endeavor and contribution. I have been following your websites for a while but this is the first time that I leave a comment. I understand, as you have mentioned a couple of times, examiners don't mark an candidate based on one or two answers. But please tell me what band score you think my answers might get in a real test if I am able to keep this performance in the rest of the test. Thank you again!

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2 - In my opinion, buying and renting out a house has pros and cons. One feels confident, satisfied and successful to own a house however at the same time for a good number of people owning a house is a passive investment. They like to invest the same amount into a business and rent out better property and luxurious place. Their business becomes their growing asset while also paying for their rental property. However, I would prefer to own a house as life is full of ups and downs and one should at least have a roof on head for the bad days.

3 - I might sound conservative, but I would prefer to live with parents. If balanced cleverly, you can serve your parents in their old age and, at the same time, live an independent life in the same house. In fact, parents can give a helping hand in making tough decisions of life as they have more practical experience than us. They can be an inspiration for our kids and even can help with their bringing up too.


please tell me about the recently asked q cards...i mean 7TH JAN

2.Do you think it's better to rent or to buy a place to live in?

While I agree that renting a house has some advantages, I believe that home ownership is much better. There are various reasons why it might be considered beneficial to purchase a property. Firstly, Buying a home is an investment in the future. The population growth increases the demand for residential properties and the rise in demand tends to grow up in the value of any property. Secondly, You can make changes to the property such as redecorating or landscaping the garden without having to ask your landlord. Finally, Purchasing can sometimes be cheaper than renting.

3.Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents?

It is sometimes argued that teenagers stop living their parents after reaching a certain age. I completely agree with this idea. As getting older, we are expected to be more responsible for everything that involves managing a home like cleaning up after yourself, if you make a mess, cooking your own meals and paying bills. Take most teenagers in Indonesia for example, after high school graduation, they tend to leave their comfort zone, move to a particular city and work in their adolescence. If young persons still rely on their parents for supports and guidances, it would be difficult for them to become independent and self-reliant.

2) Do you think it's better to rent or to buy a place to live in?
I think it's way better to buy a home. Having your own house can gives you a sens of security. If you got fired and had no savings, you would face financial problmes especially without a home. You can also decorate your home in the way you want, while you need approval from the owner of the house when you rent.

3) Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents?
I think it depends on the family situation and their preference. Firstly, living with parents doesn't mean that they are irresponsible or dependent. They can still pay bills, cook and clean on their own. Secondly, such young people can have more contact with their parents, and it reduces the lack of closeness in modern families. In other words, I think if living with parents should not be undervalued.

2) Do you think it's better to rent or to buy a place to live in?

I prefer to buy my own house basically because I could decorate it by whatever I like.The other reason is that It would give me a sense of security which is important to me.

3) Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents?

I consider that young adults should leave their parents and live by themselves but there is not a certain age for leaving.They should move out as long as they have financial ability and basic life skills.

2) Do you think it's better to rent or to buy a place to live in?
Nowsdays, it would be beter to rent a place to live. For several reasons, the first one is that China as a developing country the housing price is souring for decades and almost reach the sumit of it, in this case, if donot have down pay, then the loan will be a dramatic burden for a family. Second, with rental of a house, it can be convineint to move accoring to the work place.The last but not least, to rent a place to live can make the room for expense on other things, such as travel, hobby, high qulity living.
Sure, to rent house means you donot have the full control of the decoration of the house you live, this probably downgrate the living qulity.

3) Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents?
It depends, in my opinion,yound adults do need to live seperately with their parents when they are economically indepent, for instance, when they enter the workforce and have stable income.
Living without parental daily assistance, that means they required to try to pratice their living skills which will be helpful during their working.While at the same time, a reverse effect is that parents will not be updated by the news of their children and may effect the relationship between them.
All in all, I do support young adults to live seperately with their parents at a suitable age corresponding to different family situations.

1) How easy is it to find a place to live in your country?

Well. These days, more houselords advert in the House renting website. I found it is, one of the reliable way to find a place to live amid of the city or outskirts. Probably it depends of our requirement. Just by giving the details in the websites along with our preferred area and the Living costs, its coming up with best place for us to live.

2) Do you think it's better to rent or to buy a place to live in?
Ofcourse, again its depend on us. How long are we going to live in that place? Temporary or permanent stay. Say it is for temporary, i suggest, there are variety of houses for Rental.
We can just visit and select any one of our preference.
Also, for permanent stay to live here, i would recommend to buy a House amid all the basic necessities Shopping centre, hospital, local transportation and markets all nearby.
Nowadays, the price range of house is in considerable amount, eventhough there is a huge shift in the real estate. we can find a best one for us.

3) Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents?

I was brought up in an extended family. Usually in our culture, it is recommended to live along with the family, also in the adolescent age and even after they get married.
In my personal opinion, i am not agree with this statement.

2. Do you think its better to rent or buy a place to live in?
Well, with these given choices, I think I would prefer to purchase a house than to rent an apartment because buying a house, although quite expensive, will give me the feeling of security along with my family and the comfortableness of having my own room for me to sleep, a kitchen for me to cook my favorite foods, and a balcony for me to relax and to unwind. Meaning, I don't have to worry about some other people who are in an apartment and who often times quite annoying when they disturb your resting activities. So this is why I think that having your own house will secure your privacy.

3. Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents?
Hmmm, quite a unique question, well I think I would agree to this statement because I think that majority of young adults who are 18 years of age and below are beginning to settle down have their own houses. However, we have our own cultural differences and beliefs, which I think it would might affect the length of stay of a child with his or her parents. Moreover, honestly in my case, I do live with my parents for more than 27 years, and I know that despite their old age, I can still help them in their simple and yet delicate work while I am maintaining my own life and privacy.

2) Do you think it's better to rent or to buy a place to live in?
Well, I guess it depends on individual’s situation. If I’m not wrong, people usually rent it out when they stay in some places for a short term,but for the longer term, I think buying is a good option, if you can afford it. Recently, I bought a flat, trust me; it was a great feeling to have your own's space. Really, I felt sense of achievement on that day.
3) Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents?
No, I don’t think so. Personally, I don’t really like the idea of leaving the parents at any age to have your own life because both parents and children’s need to support each other, and should learn to live out of their differences. In fact, I did see lot of youngsters who had left their family have spoiled their life,and got involved in illegal activities such as drugs, prostitution etc. So, I suggest teenagers should never leave their home.

some correction in no.3...
...because majority of young adults who are 18 years of age and "beyond" (not below) are beginning to settle down to have their own residential house. =)

2) Do you think it's better to rent or to buy a place to live in?

Generally speaking, yes it's good to have your own place to live in. It's a practical choice when it comes to money thing. You can considered it as your investment. Instead of paying it for a rent, you can save your earnings if you use it for paying in an installment basis. But there are always some factors to consider, such as your capacity to have it and the geographical location. Whether the place is accessible to all your needs and if the location is suited to your lifestyle. Renting is just good if you're just starting and new to that place.

3) Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents?

Yes I agree that when a person already reach their legal age they have to live on their own, provided that they have the capacity to provide themselves for a living. They have to be independent and learn to live a life but of course still with the guidance of their parents.

2) Do you think it's better to rent or to buy a place to live in?
I will prefer to buy a house to live in when I can afford it. Buying a house is different from renting one. When you live in a renting house, you may have the feeling that the house does not belong to you. For example, you are less willing to hammer nails on the walls to hang your photos or install air-conditioners in the house because you know that you are going to leave this house one day.

3) Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents?
Traditionally, young adults, especially in the western countries, tend to move out from their parents when you reach a certain age. However, I believe that age should no longer be the primary factor to determine when young adults should live in their own houses. Some people as old as thirty years may not have a stable job, and living with their parents is a practical way to save money. Other young adults may decide to live by them in their early twenties because they are financially independent. There is no right when young adults should stop living with their parents.

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