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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


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Have a nice hoilday....stay safe


You are not a workaholic as I thought u to be :)
Wish your family a merry Christmas . Stay blessed .

Dear Simon,
Thank you for all your effort to give us very helpful lessons.
Happy new year to you and your family.

Dear Simon,
Happy new year´╝üThanks for your help.

Dear Simon,

Thank you for your sharing and Happy new year!

Have a great holiday, Simon!

Have an enjoyable and blessing new year :-)

Have a great holiday and Happy new year!

Have a lovely holidays and happy new year

Seasons greetings sir. Regards to you and your family. Thank you for your tireless works..Happy new year!!!

Dear Simon,

Thank you for all the nice things you have been doing for us. Take your time to enjoy holiday with your family.

All the best to you and your family in new year.
Lisa Ha

Thank you very much for your support
God bless You and your family !

Happy New Year mate

Happy new year!! Have a good time with ur family

Happy New Year and enjoy your holidays!

Wish you and your family a great time together!

Nice bit of languages

off work

get back

back to normal

Nice holiday

Thank you for all you do, Simon!

thank for your useful lesson!
hope you will have great moments with your family , relatives as well
see you again in the not too distant future
HAPPY NEW YEAR from vietnam

See you again, Simon!

Dear Mr Simon
Happy new year to you, have nice days off. Everything as you wish, You and your family are full of happiness.

Have a good trip and happy new year Simon.

Happy new year sir.Enjoy the holiday.

Thanks guys!

Dear Simon,
Have a nice holidays and happy new year.
Regards from Jhenaidah, Bangladesh

Have a nice holiday with your family

Hi Simon,

Have a nice Holidays and Happy New Year.
Just a question about the where your ebook and video lessons locate any links ?

Ops !

Some mistake about my previous sentence.
" where about your ebook and video lessons located ? any links ? "


Look in the menu on the left of this page Kleinen.

Thanks !!!!

Dear Simon

Thank you for your instruction in writing. I attended IELTs test on Dec 17th and got 7. My writing section score is 7.5. I think I practiced all writing topics, so I know how to articulate my ideas.

Thank you and happy new year.

happy new year Simon!! :)

Congratulations Ella Fan!

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