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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


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Of course I think it is OK to complete the essay in that way. But we still have to explain why I agree with the use of mobile phones in public place is antisocial, and then answer whether it should be banned or not or conditionally forbidden.

I think, first of all we need to make it clear whether do we agree or not with: "the use of mobile phones in public places is as antisocial", and it should go to the main body number 1.

And then, we will have 2 choices for the body 2, which is "the antisocial level of mobile phone use enough to be banned" or " it fust needs limitations".

that's the way I will approach to this kind of question.

I have exam as on 17th dec 2016
need info about LRW and Writing topic

In my opinion, its absurd to compare mobile phones with smoking. They are both different in nature.

In first paragraph, i will write why cigarette ban is legitimate and in the second paragraph, why mobile phones should not be banned in public places.

The first paragraph should discuss whether the use of mobile phones in public places is antisocial.

The second paragrapg should discuss whether the use of mobile phones in public places should be banned.

Therefore there are three possible models of essay:
1. Yes, the use of mobile phones in public places is as antisocial as smoking. For this reason it should be banned in the same way.
2. No, the use of mobile phones in public places is not as antisocial as smoking. That is why it should not be banned like smoking.
3. Yes, the use of mobile phones in public places is as antisocial as smoking. However, it should be banned in the same way.


3. Yes, the use of mobile phones in public places is as antisocial as smoking. However, it should not be banned in the same way.

I think we should give opinion about two issue
1, whether using mobile is as antisocial as smoking
( i think no)
2, whether we should ban it the same way we do to smoking

Dear SIMON,your comments would be highly welcomed.

It is too obvious that use of mobile phone in public situation is not as detrimental as smoking.I would argue that using mobile phone as a communication device,will bring about social satisfactory in conducting economical and emergency performances as a whole.
Firstly, in modern life,the mobile phone is playing an important role in completion of daily business affairs in our society as a smallest pocket computer.So as it is right to say that most of daily performances fail to be done without communicating by mobile phone.Furthermore,mobile phone influences giving on time emergency social services greatly most of the times.
secondly, right using of mobile phone will not cause too serious health effects or inconveniences in the society, though it causes noise&radiation pollution in public circumstances.
In result, mobile phone generates a lot of important economical & social advantages in the society & only would be considered the source of some ignorable adverse effects namely noise and radiation pollution and unlike smoking ,its drawback outweighs disadvantage.

Smoking is banned because of health issues, not because it is anti-social.

I think to arrive at a good answer, we should focus on the word 'same'.

So for me the answer would definitely be disagree, and so I will have the following answer structure.

Intro + Opinion (not agree banned at the SAME way because using phone is much less antisocial than smoking in public place)

Paragraph 1: compare to smoking in terms of the negative health effects on other people:
- Health issue, serious diseases, unpleasant smell, people tend to stay away from smokers no matter where they are
- Using mobile phone in public place are not so serious compared to smoking, only the signal that might affect people brains (mostly affect the one who use it rather than other people)

Paragraph 2: Both should be banned in certain places like temple, church, library.... In other places, like in train or a building hall, where smoking should be banned altogether, but phones are allowed to be used in a controlled and mindful way.

Dear Simon,

A lot of the times your sample essays include the "typical" questions we may get in an exam.

However today I got a "to what extent" question.

But it was "to what extent is A a result of B? Is it possible to stop A from becoming B?"

In this case, how should one structure the essay? Should we give our opinion or is this just simple a discussion essay?

Dear Mr Simon, it would be great if I can receive some comments on my essay. Thank you.

Some people believe that using mobile phones and smoking in general public places are equally antisocial and therefore they should be banned in the same way. I totally disagree with this view because I think smoking is much more detrimental to human physical well-being and disturbing than using mobile phones.

Firstly, smoking in public places has more serious impacts on the person who smokes and other people around him. There are many scientific evidences pointing out the health risks associated with smoking. Containing a wide variety of chemical and toxic substances, it can significantly increase the chances of some life-threatening diseases, such as lung cancer. As a result, it makes other people stay away from a smoking person irrespective of the current place. By contrast, using mobile phones does not pose any major health risk to human-being, only a potential minor impact to a person’s brain noted.

Regarding those points mentioned above, I believe there should be differentiated policies to the two activities. For example, smoking and using mobile phones must both be completely prohibited in certain places of religious, cultural and educational importance, such as temples, museums and libraries. Speaking to a friend through mobile phone or having a cigarette in a library would considerably interrupt others who are in need of a quiet and peaceful environment to for their studying or reading. However, in other public areas, such as in a building hall or on a train, using mobile phone seems to do no harm to others and thus it can be allowed, while smoking must still be restricted in those circumstances.

In conclusion, it seems to me that we should take a closer look and have differentiated treatments for smoking and using phones in public places.

289 words


This question is asking for your opinion, so make sure you clearly express your opinion on both questions. For example you could use topic sentences like these to introduce your two body paragraphs.

I believe B is a direct result of A for two main reasons.

Nevertheless, I feel it is certainly possibly to stop A becoming B.

Thank you so much sjm. That was indeed how I approached the task.

I think the first specific paragraph is the drawbacks of using mobiphones in public places.
the second paragraph is that why we should ban this activity...

Hello, Simon.Could you please have a look at my essay on this topic and comment about it . Thank you very much for your time and efforts in advance.

It is argued that just like smoking, mobile phones spread the “anti-social virus” among communities; therefore, they should be prohibited in public places. In my opinion, despite cell phone’s negative effects to real-life communication, they should still be legitimate handheld devices.
On the one hand, it is an undeniable fact that mobile phones are now diverging people away from one another. In the modern days, face-to-face communication is significantly limited due to the availability of applications on smart phones, namely Messenger, Whatsapp. People, especially youngster enjoy gluing their eyes to the screens to have conversation online in restaurants or even in family gatherings where there should be an abundance of real-life interactions.
On the other hand, cell phones should still be legalized in public places for the following reasons. First, unlike smoking, the type of technological device does not exert contagious negative effects. Science has demonstrated that tobacco smoke can be inhaled by non-smokers, thus making them succumb to passive smoking and the devastating health impacts of cigarettes. However, this does not apply to cell phones as users always have their own voices in whether to use this equipment or not. Second, phones are immensely beneficial in connecting people in the era of world integration. Business exchanged beyond borders requires workers to be updated about about news 24/7 and phones helps facilitate this process. If cell phones are banned in public areas, business is highly likely to be interrupted, thus decreasing productivity and stagnating the economies.
In conclusion, in the face of their antisocial effects, mobile phones are still advantageous to the society and not as harmful as smoking. As long as people use phones smartly to avoid their downsides, no authorities should take the rights of using phones in public places from any citizens.
(295 words)

Hmmm...quite an interesting question. Well, I think every opinion or stand, whether you agree or disagree, is still acceptable as long as you provide or rather stick to the topic/s that is/are being ask to talk about. Moreover, it's an advantage if you further elaborate your stance with proper organization of your ideas and giving illustrations.

It is true that cell phones can cause an addiction in the same way as cigarettes do. While I agree that immersing yourself with the mobile phone in public leads to the development of the sense of detachment from what is going on and may be considered as antisocial, I am quite skeptical of the idea that the official legislation is necessary.

The evidence shows that the cell phones and other mobile devices connected to the internet are causing the addiction effect as well as the smoking. The mobile devices became irreplaceable in our daily life, and people began to use them not only at home but also in public places. It is a rare event to catch people face-to-face chatting or discussing something while waiting for their bus or train at the station. Most of the passengers are totally occupied with their iPads or iPhones, showing no interest to what is going on around them. Even then you ask someone for help, they are still engaged with their sensor screens making you feel a disrespect and careless. Especially sensitive to this kind of addiction are children. They can spend days and nights playing online games or watching Youtube channels with absolute detachment from the boring reality. This problem has been already addressed in some countries. For instance, in South Korea addicted children undergo a special treatment in the mental hospital. Considering the facts above, the overuse of mobile devices leads to the development of sick society and is the antisocial trend.

On the other hand, the virtual social life has integrated into our daily routine. The modern mobile phones have an inclusive internet service which connects us with a million of people around the world. The various social media such as Facebook, Skype, or Viber facilitates personal and business communication. Even more, the coffee shops and supermarkets deliberately attract the clients providing them with the free and limitless connection. Having the Wi-Fi indoors is considered as a privilege for catering and housing businesses. Thus, the official banning of the public use of mobile phones could lead to a negative reaction of its users and could be considered as an antisocial action itself.

In conclusion, the usage of mobile phones in public places may be compared with smoking in certain extend. While I agree with the idea of harmful addictive and negative social effects of mobile phones due to their overuse in public places, I still disagree that government should interfere this process.

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