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Thursday, December 08, 2016


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Hi teacher,

This is related to the academic writing task 1, isn't it?

I mean, not general writing...

Yes, that's right Jean.

Dear Simon,

I am from Bangladesh where Paypal service yet to be initiated. I'm have a international credit card through which I make overseas transaction.

You said there is a guest option which is useful and I do not need Paypal. But I am not finding that guest option. Let us know the link.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Hello Simon,

I'll have IELTS test for first time, but I didn't have it before.
Can you help me for one month to prepare everything in IELTS?
I need your help very emergence.

best regards,


Sorry, the guest option is still though the PayPal system - it just means that you can pay by bank card without becoming a PayPal member.

Hopefully PayPal will work in Bangladesh soon!



I'm afraid I can't help people individually. Try my video course (linked below) - it's the closest thing to having a 'real' lesson with me.


Hi Simon, I bought your writing task 1 video course. It is really good. Thank you for preparing such a wonderful lectures. To be honest, writing task 1 has always been very difficult for me. Hopefully, your lectures will help me to get 7.5 bands.
Thank you again.

Dear Simon and other students,
I am a student from Taiwan, who just received my Ielts results a week ago. I got both 7 in speaking and writing!
I only read simon's blog as my material for Ielts, and it really helped my a lot. I could never have got such scores with Simon's help! Actually, the writing Task one question in my test (11/26) was the same one that Simon once shared in this website!
Thank you Simon, and wish every examinee good luck!

Dhruv and Claire,

Thanks for your positive feedback. I'm glad my blog and videos are helping!

Hi Simon! I found your website on the Internet accidentally, and by roughly viewing your articles I find your advices and suggestions very helpful! Please keep updating...:)
Best wishes from China

Dear Simon,

Thanks for what you have taught us countless valuable lessons and have inspried us for the past time.

Recently, I heard there will be 1 new question type which is: summarize a timetable.
Could you please confirm this is true or not?
Many thanks!

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