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Saturday, December 03, 2016


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Thanks for the correction, Simon.

Here is the sentence after improvement.

I looked for an English teacher who would help me to correct my autobiography due to THE FACT(noun) THAT I HAD(past perfect) never write it in English before.

HI Simon
The word "spand" in sentence 4 ,i could not found it in dictionary ,can you tell me what does it mean? or it's a mistake word ?and what's the correct word ?
thank you


"spand" is wrong. It should be "span". I'll put my full corrections in a comment below the previous lesson.

Hello Simon ,
I m in London in December & will be appearing in Ielts test next month .I want to know if you are offering any session or mock test so that I can attend .



I though it is TRUE to use present form and say 'I never forget ...'. Is this really wrong?

Hi L,

I've changed that point. You can use "I never forget", but not in the context of sentence 3 in yesterday's lesson.

I've now explained the difference better in the 3rd point above.

Dear MR Simon.
Please explain WHy reason You don't use "Had been paid off", You use "had paid off, I can't understand, please help me.

To Trang: Pay off in that example is an intransitive verb

That day was very special to me as it marked one of my greatest achievements.
I was proud that my hard work had paid off.
I'll never forget the day when I got my first high distinction.
I have a short attention span and I lose interest in things quite easily.
I made the dream come true only after experiencing so many difficulties.
I am looking for an English teacher who can help me to correct my writing as I have never written in English before.

Phuong Trang,

It's best to think of "my hard work paid off" as a fixed expression (i.e. an idiom or saying) that can't be changed to a passive.

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