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Friday, December 16, 2016


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Undoubtedly, many good bits of language are used in this answer. However, I would say that the grammatical structures that Simon used also play very important part here.

Topic related collocations:
• the proudest achievement
• to be delighted to have passed
• to feet overjoyed and proud of smth
• to overcome some setbacks
• the moment of truth was just seconds away
• to clench your fist

Phrasal verbs and idioms:
• as far as I recall
• to get into the lift
• hard work paid off
• to shout out with joy
• to walk with a spring in your step
• to walk back down (the corridor)

Other good bits of language
• the precise point in time when
• the particular moment when
• the key moment that

Adjectives to describe feelings
• to be delighted
• to be overjoyed
• to be proud of
• to be nervous
• to be excited
• to be surprised
• to be thrilled
• to be relieved
• to be elated

Great work Shakhzod! You're right that there are several other good features in my description, apart from the vocabulary.

Plz explain grammar structure -- to have passed -- why past participle is used with word pass

Hi simon,

Can i use "so far i recall" instead of "As far as I recall"

Thanks Shakhzod for your valuable analyze.

Keep making such useful posts here!

Dear Simon,

I really really appreciate your blog!!!

I got 7.5 in the Speaking Test only by reading your blog!

This gives me a lot of confidence in my pursuit of future study and work.

Thanks for sharing, Thanks!

Hi Enam,

In my understanding it is perfect infinitive not past participle. You can look this link for details http://www.englishgrammar.org/perfect-infinitives/

Hi everybody,
Are there any one of you ready to be a speaking partner with me ... please


Sanja22 (two comments above this) has answered your question about "to have passed". Click on the link to learn about perfect infinitives.

No, you can't say "So far I recall" instead of "As far as I recall".

Congratulations Percy!

I got 7.5 in speaking 2 years ago, now im studying master of accounting in Australia. Im crrently looking for an ielts speaking partner who is aiming 8 or above coz im planning applying for pr after my study. If someone has similar goal then please add my skype anhiqkao1. Thanks for reading

Dear Simon,

I have just got my result from Dec 10th examination with overall 7.5.

I had hoped to get at least 8.0 on speaking, but I guess a little nervous screwed me up, with part 2 terribly short and a lot of errors overall. So it was only 7.0.

Thank you so much for the tips especially on writing, since I have no prior experience before and got only 1 month to prepare. Lucky I pulled it out with 6.5.


I am for preparing IELTS on 12th January, aiming 7.5 overall speaking more than 7. If somebody would like my skype is gunathilakapkg

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