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Friday, December 02, 2016


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1. That day is extremely extraordinary to me as I had won an incredible accomplishment.

2. What i reaped from all my hard work was a great succes and i really prided myself on that.
3. I will never forget the day when i knew that i'd passed with flying colors.
5. After overcoming some difficulties, I finally made my dream come true .

I vividly remember the day when I got biggest achievement.
I am looking for an english teacher to look for my autobiography since my English isn't satisfactory.

Dear Simon,

I have no idea how to thank you seriously.
I just got my Academic result, overall 7.5 and it would be impossible without your help.

You are the best!
Greetings from Istanbul

1. That day WAS very special to me as I had won a great CHAMPIONSHIP.
2. I was proud that my hard work had paid off well.
3. When I KNEW that I got MY SCORE with distinction I COULD never forget that day.
4. I had a short attention SPAN and SO I lost interests in things quite easily.
5. MY dream CAME true after CONCURRING several difficulties.
6. I WAS LOOKING for an English teacher who would help me CORRECTING my autobiography, SINCE I HAD never WRITTEN ONE in English before.

I'm not so sure but thanks for the opportunity...

Dear Simon
Thank you so much for your attention.
I decided to improve speaking skill for my next academic IELTS exam. I am looking for a partner that speak together.

I have no ideas
I will see your answer soon

My idp exam on 10 December plz suggest me with some important topics for speaking nd writing which will be coming in next month

Dear simon
I took ielts recently on nov 19, 2016 and today My ielts result is withheld by British council. Can u tell me why do they do so and what wil be the expected outcome? How long will they take to release my test results?

That day was very special to me as I won a great achievement.

I was proud of myself because my hard work had been paid off well.

I never forget that day when I pass with distinction

My dream came true after several difficulties.

I looked for an English teacher who would help me to correct my autobiography due to the fact that I never write it in English before.

1 That day WAS very special to me as I had won a great achievement.

2 I was proud that my hard work HAD paid off well.

3 When I know that I got pass with distinction, I WOULD never forget that day.

4 I had a short attention and I lost interests in things quite easily.

5 I MAKES dream come true after I concurred several difficulties.



1) That day was very special because it WAS a great achievement.

2) I was proud that my hard work had paid off.
(I've deleted 'been' and 'well')

3) I'll never forget the day when I found out that I had passed with distinction.
(This sentence needed to be rewritten completely)

4) I had a short attention SPAN and lost INTEREST in things quite easily.

5) I faced several difficulties, but finally my dream came true.

6) I looked for an English teacher who would help me to correct my autobiography, due to THE FACT THAT I HAD never WRITTEN it in English before.

OR: ... BECAUSE I had never written it before.

Congratulations Ozan!



Don't worry. They check the examiners' marking sometimes - it's an examiner issue, not a problem related to you. Just contact your test centre if it takes too long.

can I translate sentence 5 like this
i made the dream come true after experiencing several difficulties

1-Having a great sense of achievement in that day,it was extremely special for me.
2-I was proud of my efforts since they were all rewarded.
3-I'll never forget the day I passed my exam with flying colors.
4-I lost my concentration and distracted easily.
5-having overcome many problems, my dream came true.
6-Having had not written any autobiography in English, I looked for a teacher helping me.

I am looking for a speaking partner.. please

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