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Monday, December 26, 2016


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1. Radul = complete redesign
2. Owner of Tesla model S
3.Autopilot is a self driving car
Autopilot is already safer, on average, than human drivers.
4.cost of paving roads
5.give example for changed shapes of the future autopilot cars

1) means 'Fundamental Fixing old cars"
2)Owner of Tesla model S
3)Meaning of autopilot is self driving car
4)Paving roads
5)give example for changed shapes of the future autopilot cars

1.radical overhaul means revolution to cars.
2.Owner of Tesla model S.
3.automatic pilot.
4.paving roads.
5.)give example for changed shapes of the future autopilot cars.

I got my result on 23 of Dec..L-8,R-7.5,S-7.5 and W-7.5...Thank you simon for your great lessons..it would be almost impossible to achieve the desired score without your valuable guidance..Thank you once again...

Congratulations Sri. was it AC or GT?

1. "Radica overhaul"= completely basic change in transport infrastructure
2.Owner of Tesla model S - also, the victim in the first deathly accident involve in self-driving car
3. autopilot - self- driving course
4. cost for paving all roads
5. giving example for future shape of autopilot cars

Thank you L..it was AC ...once again I suggest everyone to follow the lessons given by simon and I am sure you will pass with flying colours...all the best everyone..

Hi Simon,

i am very happy to see the article from The Economist and i want to know, if it a good way to practice reading by reading this magazine.

Looking forward to your answer.

Thanks a lot!
From Charlotte


1. Radical overhaul means complete change or complete redesign.

2. Unfortunately, Joshua Brown was the first person to be killed in a Tesla car that was on autopilot (i.e. the car was driving itself).

3. "Autopilot mode" is when the car drives itself.

4. The cost of paving roads was hard to imagine.

5. In the future, self-driving cars might be a different shape e.g. pods or minivans.


Hi Charlotte,

Yes, it's useful to read websites / magazines like The Economist, New Scientist, Psychology Today.

Just avoid articles about politics or complex economic issues. Look for the more general "IELTS-style" articles like the one that I used above.

Congratulations Sri!

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your advice!
Wish you a happy holiday!

The article require 6 minutes to read.
Wish every body a happy holiday

Hi Simon,

Could you please explain me why are my answers for questions 29 (FALSE) and 31 (TRUE) not corect? I do not totally agree with the answers from the website where the Reading passage is referred http://ielts-up.com/reading/academic-reading-sample-1.3.html

By the way, at the end of the year 2016, I wish you are always well and achieve more triumphs.

Best regards.

Radical overhaul: It indicates to take a certain changing action.
Joshua Brown: An owner of a self-driven car namely Tesla model s
Auto pilot:Autopilot is related to self-driven mode which drives a vehicle with its software technology.
Autopilot still in ''beta ( ie, it is an unfinished prototype). As for example Telsa a autopilot car notes that this is the first-known fatality in 130 miles of its cars driving themselves.
4.Idea of paving all roads was hard to imagine a year ago.
5.The writter mentions pods and minibus while he is talking about horseless carriages.He asks about driverless cars,whether it will be pods or can be able
to share minivans.

1) In paragraph 1, what does 'radical overhaul' mean? completely different
2) In paragraph 2, who is Joshua Brown? An owner of Tesla Model S and killed during autopiloting the car
3) What is "Autopilot", and how safe is it? Autopilot is a mode where a car is able to self-drive. Autopilot is safer than Human driver
4) In paragraph 4, what cost was hard to imagine a century ago?
5) In paragraph 5, why does the writer mention
pods and minivans?

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