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Monday, December 05, 2016


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Hi everyone,

May i ask is it ok to use for starter instead of firstly in ielts writing?


'For starter' is not English. Just use 'Firstly'.

Dear Simon,
In the previous posts you advised reading "The Economist" magazine as a good source. However, the most articles are related with politic and economic issues here. I find this magazine uninteresting and dull in most cases. What is your opinion about choosing articles from The Economist to read?


Wow this is such a great article


Ignore the articles about politics and economics. Look for articles about science, technology, the environment, psychology etc.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for suggesting such good site for further reading practice.

And great tips on choosing articles to read. Most of the time, I got caught up in the political articles since there are heaps of them everywhere. Thanks!

Thanks for suggesting good website.

No problem Sohpie and Sang Tran!

This is such a great website. I found so many good words and phrases in a short article.
Thank you!

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