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Tuesday, December 06, 2016


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and, I also want to add some useful words and collocation below, which come from the video:

- heritage building
- proliferate = increase rapidly in numbers
- high density
- lose mobility
- to take sth as a test case
- light permeates - spreads throughout
- winter solstice
- to touch on an issue
- to create public realm
- promenades and parks
- intense urban life

I want to use this type videos for improve my listening skill.

Hi Simon,
I found it most difficult in listening section 3 for me, because it is unlikely to listen while audio is playing. In the first 30 seconds, I do finish checking all the questions, but I don't have time to read the options.Besides, I have to pay full attention to the audio, and I always write the answers altogether after playing is over. Sometimes, I even forget what I just listened. Do you have any suggestions for me, it bothers me a lot. Thanks.

1. Most relevantly
2. I came back thinking
3. Proliferate
4. congestion
5. loss mobility
6. permeable

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