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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


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I also think this type is the most difficult in IELTS Listening, and sometimes true/false/not given.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your tips, how can we identify keywords in MCQ ?

Appreciate your usual advice

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Does ielts listening that hard? On my opinion, ielts listening is not something like that as I have a couple of researching across the net and it seems not too difficult. This is just my opinion anyways.

Hi Simon
Thanks for your amazing lessons.
I would like to ask you a question about listening part. Sometimes when names of streets are used in the Listening section I write the firts letter in a capital letter but others is small letter. But when i checked the asnwers it my version of writing was wrong therefore I a asking you about this. What should I do?

Thanks a lot

Hello Simon,
I really have difficulty with part3 which all about multiple choice questions. I am really disappointed. I can't even have one or two correct answers. However, I am going to adapt your strategies. I hope this will work.

Thank you so so mcuh

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