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Saturday, December 10, 2016


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Simon, I need your help. I was at exam today which provided question "today Private companies are the ones who give money and carry out scientific research, rather than government" do advantages outweigh disadvantages?" In many places I wrote scientific projects than scientific research. Will be be considered off-topic? How much can be cut? Any idea. Thanks a lot

Dear Simon,

You answered my question before I post. If a native English teacher need Google for good vocabulary, what about a non-native speaker in exam situation?

Hi Simon, thanks for the advice.

May I ask a question that not related to the topic here?
I was practicing one of task 1 essay from your website. The topic was about a pie chart compare water usage in San Diego , California and the rest of the world.

My question is one of your sentence wrote "Such dramatic differences are not seen when we compare the figures for industrial water use."

I have been checked some websites of how to use "compare" but I still not fully understand how to use it correctly.
Do we not suppose to put 'to/with' after compare? Why its "compare the figure FOR industrial water use" not "compare the figure TO/WITH industrial water use"?

Thanks in advance.


'Projects' and 'research' are almost the same so this won't affect your score.


We typically leave out the 'with' or 'to' section when we mean 'with each other'. In this case, the full sentence is 'Such dramatic differences are not seen when we compare the figures for industrial water use with/to each other'.

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