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Saturday, December 24, 2016


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Merry Christmas, Simon! Thanks for another year's effort to give us so many wonderful lessons.

Merry Christmas James!

Merry Christmas Simon, wish you and all your family and friends happiness, healthy life, and prosperity :-)

First IELTS test result was L 6 R 4 W 5.5 S 6.5 overall 5.5
2nd result L 7 R 5.5 W 6 S 7 overall 6.5
3rd result L 6.5 R 6.5 W 5.5 S7.5 overall 6.5

My third test was on 10th of december and I'm really disappointed because I prepared for almost 4 months .I really don't know how to start again. I need 7.5 overall and 7 on each .

I would like to thank you SIMON your reading course helped me a lot as you can see my score on reading part .

Merry Christmas Simon

Hi khadija kabire
Your target is so high
Keep fighting!

Merry Christmas Simon´╝ü

I am still a intermediate, just from last week i have started my preparing for IELTS.

I will never give up and Thanks for your sharing!

Hi Doena
You are right .I'm working hard and will never give up.
pray for me .

Hi teacher.
Firstly, Merry Christmas!
Secondly, before thinking about getting high score my approach the IELTS test is to improve my academic English level. So, I feel confident about my progress in preparing for IELTS. Somehow I am struggling with doing tests nowadays. However I hope that I will overcome the barriers due to your useful blog and method.
Thank you!

Keep going khadija, Charlotte and Murad! You have the right attitude, so I'm sure you'll be successful in the end!

Sir,thank you for all the great lessons.It helped me a lot in my IELTS.My recent test result (Dec 17) is
L=7.5,R=8,W=6.5,S=6.5.I just want to know what makes the result 0.5 less? Where should I improve?I need 7 in each module..

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