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Sunday, December 18, 2016


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agreed!! thx simon

"You don't eat an elephant whole, you cut it into small pieces."
"Great things start from small beginnings."
"Small constant improvement."
"Marginal gains."

The very words my IELTS mentor repeats everyday.

If you don't stop and never give up, small steps can cross huge boundaries.


Accumulating small things will be bigger than the big thing occur just one time

Thanks simon

Dear Simon
I am very dissapointed with the result of my ielts. I took ielts course for 6 months and i did self studying for 2 months. Totally I have spent 8 months for ilets preparation. However the result is still below my target, I still need 0,5 for all band score. I will sit the test on the next january, but i don't have spirit for studying anymore

Please give me motivation to keep studying :((

Don't give up Deana! 8 months isn't such a long time - it takes many people much longer to pass. Also, you're very close to the scores you need. Keep going and you WILL pass eventually!

Simon is right. I am studying for IELTS about 7 months and still need more study to get my dream score and I will never give up!

Thank you so much Simon and L
It means a lot to me

I just realised that i am not the only one who fail on ielts after long preparation

I'll promise to my self to keep going
Good things take time

Thank you very much for your effective advice.
Happy new year.

Hello Simon

Finally, I got the score that I desire this week.
I am extremely happy.

I am Deana who posted a comment above almost years ago. Thanks for motivating me to keep trying.

I promised to my self to come back to this page if I achieved the score.

I learned IELTS for almost 18 months in order to obtain band 6.5 no band less than 6.

Sometimes, I am embarassed to admit that the time that I spent to achieve that score, whilst other may only need 3 months to achieve it.

However, I am relieved that all my efforts paid off.

For all of you who still stuggle to conquer IELTS.. just keep trying.
Do not give up before you achieve it!

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