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Wednesday, November 09, 2016


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Good day simon , thank you . please what do I do when asked
1. For my opinion , "should I say in my opinion" ?
2. Some people say its not advised to state your opinion if when the question request for your opinion


1) Yes, you can write "in my opinion", "I believe", "I would argue" etc.

2) That is very strange advice - it's also wrong. You MUST give your opinion if the question asks for it.

Please read this lesson:


Hi Simon
Thank you for great help.
It is really amazing essay and so simple supported with clear examples
my question is: I notice you wrote I believe, I suppose, I think, in my opinion.
However, we were taught that we should use it once or twice to avoid repetition and subjective.
Last question If I can write similar to that do you think I can get 7
many thanks

Hi Simmon,

I have been watching your lessons these days. Your lecture is brilliant!
I just have a little question about "saw sales rise" grammar. I also see you use "saw the biggest rises". So I was confused: Is "rise" here countable or not? IF it is countable why there isn't a "a" before the singular rise, like "saw a big rise". Thank your for your patience to read my question.


'saw sales rise' - 'rise' here is a verb

'saw the biggest rises' - 'rises' here is a noun

Hi simon

In writing the conclusion,I just thought we have to remind the examiner what was our stand.So I was told I should paraphrase my introduction,like for example;
I completely disagree- I wrote I strongly disagree since examiners read a lot of test papers in a day ,it will be for our benefit if we clearly state in the end as well as in the beginning our stand so that he or she doesn't need to go back and read again just to confirm which side we are in.

please clear this with me if you can. Thanks!

Dear Simon and all,

It is out of the topic, but I need your prompt help as my test will be soon. Can I put Y, N, NG instead of Yes, No, Not given in the reading answer sheet?

Please let me know ASAP.
Thanks all for your sweet heart.

Hi Binh,

No, you cannot.

Binh and Bogdan,

To be honest, I've never been told officially (by a member of IELTS staff) whether they accept Y, N, T, F, NG instead of the words yes, no, true, false and not given.

I was an examiner for the writing and speaking tests, but even examiners are not told much about how the reading and listening tests are marked.

I have heard informally that Y,N,T,F,NG are accepted, but I still tell my students to write the full words - just to be safe!

Hi all,
Recently I have seen many adverts to offer the desired i score in ielts by altering the bc database . Is it possible or scam ?

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