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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


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Communities, the world over, celebrate festivals for religious, traditional and agricultural reasons. In my view, young people and old alike show willingness to take part in every celebrations because they realize significance and origin of such events while they attend commemorations to relax, learn and appreciate special traditions.

Today every occasion is shown and followed by media. Journalists reveal every detail such as history, modern social implication and development stages of happening celebrations clearly on TV programmes. Such educative spirit can also be seen at schools where certain syllabuses teach how ancestors celebrated religious commemoration and thanksgiving for good harvests and why we should do today. Even special scenes in advertisements can tell customers much about countries’ customs and celebrations. These awareness schemes have an inevitable result in awaking the interest of citizens to festivals. Therefore, todays festivals are more populated and celebrated in more luxurious way than ever before which means people know a lot about and appreciate such happy events.

On the one hand, this is the time people can entertain and forget everyday work and life pressures. In my country, Uzbekistan, many festivals are designated as a day off which signals citizens to have a rest from work. Also, the majority parts of festivals are associated with festivity and fun. The main things participants usually do during festivals are listening to music, having delicious meals, playing games and socializing with the loved ones. On the other hand, some festivals are organized to educate and evaluate values. For instance, so-called “Qovun Sayli”,a melon harvest festival, highlights the output of melon producers from Khorezm region whose aim is to motivate people not to merely consume melons but to learn more about melon sorts, their growing methods, medical properties.

In conclusion, festivals are popular among people throughout the globe for their history, entrainment feature, educative role and as a preservation of traditional values.

Flooding many website pages, images of the way in which festivals are celebrated seem to impart the message that the sole purpose of attending these events is to have some good time. However, in my opinion, many still make an effort to keep alive the meanings attached to traditional and religious festivals.

Having some time off work, many people decide to do things that they most enjoy. The most popular activity seems to be travelling, either in or out of the country. Others take the advantage of the festival time to pursue their own interests such as decorating their houses, upgrading the gardens or engaging in do-it-yourself projects. While present at some festivals, many spectators only choose to be involved in events that they like and are comfortable with. These enjoyable break time activities revitalise mind while providing a physical challenge. They all help to regain the energy required when work starts again.

The enthusiasm displayed by many when attending festivals, however, shows that they themselves do feel the need to liven the traditional spirit of the occasions. Traditional festivals in Vietnam such as God Giong or Buffalo Fighting always attract a large number of spectators. They are there to show appreciation for important farming skills such as how to tame and train a buffalo, how to cook an excellent meal with straw. Joined effort in keeping the festival going is also the way the public promote community spirit. Present at religious festivals, most visitors to pagodas and temples embrace the opportunity to reflect upon Buddha and Buddhists’ lifestyle as well as to show respect to their gods.

All in all, it is true that having an enjoyable time is what many aim for during festival time. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that to live what festivals are traditionally meant for is the purpose of many others.

The completely one is much easier to write~

partly agree is easier since there could more ideas

Here is what I think about the essay skeleton.
Personally, I would say that partly agree will be easier to write this essay as there are two parts of opinions need to cover (forgotten the meaning and people just want to enjoy themselves).

Thanks Simon.

partly agree is easier to write(people want to enjoy themselves but they need to remember the meaning of the festival)

to Natalie Nguyen

You have written a nice essay. Thank you for sharing!

I believe partially is a better choice as it is easier to elaborate the ideas and present them in a good essay structure

Partly agree is easier.
While people tend to enjoy the festivals differently from what their ancestors did, they still greatly value the meaningfulness and the spirit of traditional festivals.

Partly agree ,I prefer to write the rest of eassy because i can brainstrom some good ideas more easier .
It is true that many people were entertained by they are attended the events while I agree that we shall not forget some of meaning behinds the festivals such as customers , religious .

are attending

hello sir, i got L6S6W5.5R6.But i want 6.5in each .plz help me

Traditionally or religiously meaningful days around the world have been remembered over the centuries. While some people believe modern people celebrate festivals only for the purpose of entertainment, I agree with those who argue people participate in festivals not only to have fun, but also to look back on historical moments.

There are various reasons why some people think that individuals just want to amuse themselves during nationwide events. Antisocial behavior like fights or vandalism is commonly reported, and there also tends to be more incidents such as drunk driving and injury cases than usual during these events. In turn, this can be seen as consequences of individual behavior without consideration of the reasons we celebrate these special occasions.

In spite of these arguments, I believe that most people highly value traditional or religious significance of festivals as well as entertaining themselves. Throughout the generations, young people have been educated about the origins of festivals and the ways to perform traditional rituals at school and home, which is seen as a reflection of the importance of the festivals in a certain society. On Christmas, for example, many children are taught to share with the disadvantaged and give back to community in the spirit of philanthropy. Moreover, people tend to think national festivals are closely related to how their national identity and cultural background have been shaped.

In conclusion, although it might seem as if people only want to have fun during festivals, I believe they put greater priority on remembering why they should celebrate the significance of these days.

I find the second structure easier :)
I need to practice more to finish a task within the given time.
Thanks Simon.

* correction :)

In conclusion, although it might seem as if people only want to have fun during festivals, I believe they put greater priority on remembering * why they should celebrate theses days *

To Yusufboy
Dear friend , you wrote a good essay. Which exact part of Uzbekistan you are from? Can you share your contacts?

In recent years, there have been several changes took place in the way people celebrate their festivals. While I personally agree that people wish to celebrate themselves, they still recognize the importance and meaning of each festival, be they religious or traditional.

People choose to enjoy their festivals just by themselves for several reasons. Firstly, we live in a busy, expensive world, where people have no time to celebrate special days in a traditional manner by cracking heavy fire works, conducting ceremonial functions and participating in them. Today, People are well educated, and therefore unimaginable to accept and follow some old mythological concepts like killing animals in the name of God, offering flowers and expensive things to religious places on special days to satisfy the lord of almighty. Instead of this, people choose these days to rejuvenate and refresh them with joyful moments. For instance during Christmas holidays some people go for long holidays with family and friends others enjoy with their favorite hobbies like shopping, writing, reading, swimming and so on. They utilize their valuable time for enjoyments and entertainments.

However, People still know and do admit the meaning of festivals in various ways. It is easier even for Children to learn this significance from schools, parents and media. Every child in European countries knows why is Halloween festival played, and what to do on Halloween festival, and how to do is a good example to site at this contest. Though the way they celebrate is different, still they enjoy the day in a different way. Moreover, the themes of certain advertisement that telecast during festive seasons are almost related to the significance of the particular festival.

In conclusion, I partly agree that though people know the significance of religious and traditional festivals, they wish to enjoy themselves.

Hi Simon,
Is this approach right?
paragraph 1;about festivals and how people enjoy
paragraph 2;explaining the true meaning of all these festivals
Tomorrow is my exam ,so if you answer me asap, i will be thankful to you.

I think partly is much more easier

For me partly agree-skeleton is much easier because we can obviously see there are two types of either those who enjoy only festivals or those who want to keep the maning of festivals.

Hi Obidjon

I am from Khorezm

Hello Simon 😊

I find that your website is very helpful, that's why I decided not to take IELTS course. Thanks a lot.

While I realize that it's better for you not to assess students essays (you'll be so busy if you do so), I get difficulties in measuring whether my essay is good enough to get band 7. If you don't mind, would you give us examples of essay for band 6, 7, and 8 with the same question? I hope I could estimate on which band my essay is.

Thank you

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