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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


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Hi Simon,

I have a doubt about writing first sentence of the essay paragraph.
Is it good to start The first paragraph [after the introduction] starting with the word "To begin with"/To begin/Firstly..

For eg;To begin with,there are many reasons why I disagree.....Do you think it is wrong..Please clear my doubt.thank you Simon for your unconditional help.

Hi Sriya,
It's okay to start the paragraph with this phrase, although I think Simon would advise against that, as I haven't seen it in any of his essays. But I suppose he would say that: "Don't mind such trivial thing, focus on the ideas and the topic-related vocab".

hi i have written intro about this topic . please comment how is it i know it's not as good as Simon's.

It is true that around the world people celebrate festivals for religious , traditional and agricultural reasons. While some people argue that these days people celebrate festivals only for entertainment, I personally agree with those who believe that people participate in festivals not only to have fun, but also to follow their religious customs and rituals.

Hi rv,
I think that Simon would tell you to keep the intro concise. As he said somewhere, we don't have much time for the intro, and we should focus on the main body. "The introduction is just a paraphrase of the question".

Thank you nkd

I wrote it like this..Can anyone comment this please.

In recent years, there have been several changes took place in the way people celebrate their festivals. While I personally agree that people wish to celebrate themselves, they still recognize the importance and meaning of each festival, be they religious or traditional.

People choose to enjoy their festivals just by themselves for several reasons. Firstly, we live in a busy, expensive world, where people have no time to celebrate special days in a traditional manner by cracking heavy fire works, conducting ceremonial functions and participating in them. Today, People are well educated, and therefore unimaginable to accept and follow some old mythological concepts like killing animals in the name of God, offering flowers and expensive things to religious places on special days to satisfy the lord of almighty. Instead of this, people choose these days to rejuvenate and refresh them with joyful moments. For instance during Christmas holidays some people go for long holidays with family and friends others enjoy with their favorite hobbies like shopping, writing, reading, swimming and so on. They utilize their valuable time for enjoyments and entertainments.

However, People still know and do admit the meaning of festivals in various ways. It is easier even for Children to learn this significance from schools, parents and media. Every child in European countries knows why is Halloween festival played, and what to do on Halloween festival, and how to do is a good example to site at this contest. Though the way they celebrate is different, still they enjoy the day in a different way. Moreover, the themes of certain advertisement that telecast during festive seasons are almost related to the significance of the particular festival.

In conclusion, I partly agree that though people know the significance of religious and traditional festivals, they wish to enjoy themselves.

"that most of us" - what does that "that" refers to?

Hi simon i am interested to bye your ielts materials but how can i get coz i have only bank account.could u provide any suggestion .

I got my reaults today L:8,R:7,W:7,S:7 overall 7,5!Really thanks for your help especially in Writing!Keep up the good job!

Congratulations danis


The word "that" belongs to "argue that".

"people argue that we... and that most of us..."



You should be able to pay without joining PayPal. Just look for the option to pay as a guest, or to pay by bank card.

Congratulations danis!

Hi Simon, i got this from your 2012 post.
The essay question is:
These days people pay more attention to artists (writers, painters and so on) and give less importance to science and technology.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?
And you said that:
This seems to me to be a perfect question for a "balanced opinion" answer (i.e. both art and science are given equal importance). However, notice that you need to DISAGREE with the question statement in order to give this balanced response.
My question is whether it is possible to have balanced opinion by stating 'partly agree'? I am still confused in what case we should disagree in order to be able to give balanced opinion. Is it because of the comparative word 'more' and 'less'?
Help me please.

Thanks 😊

Thank u simon .im interested to buy it .thank u for ur suggestion.


Here's another lesson that might help you:


Thanks Sir, it's very helpful.
I conclude that the comparative words affect the way we take side.

Thank you Sir.

I am waiting for inauguration of PayPal in Bangladesh, but it is still in discussion between Government and PayPal.
Don't know when the inaugural ceremony will be celebrated.

hi Simon
I've read your sample article of wrinting task 2 which the topic is "Some people think that in the modern world we are more dependent on each other, while others think that people have become more independent.
 Discuss both views and give your own opinion." In fact, i've met topic on my REAL ielts exam last month. TO BE HONEST,I used your ideas nearly 80% same but also added my personal example into the paragraphs. but the score result was really bad...only 5.5. how could it be?i feel so confused and disappointed.

Hi mico,

Sorry to hear about your disappointment. It's impossible for me to say how that could have happened I'm afraid. Maybe it was your task 1 score that brought the overall score down - this is often the problem.

Maybe you could rewrite the essay at home and ask a teacher to check it.

Intro - Some people think that we no longer remember the authentic meaning of traditional festivals, instead they tend to have fun during the festivals. I personally think people still know the significance of traditional festivals.
Para 1 - [topic sentence] On the one hand, traditional festivals certainly became the opportunities for people to have fun with.
Para 2 - [topic sentence] However, people still remember the actual meaning of why they celebrate it.
Conclusion - In conclusion, people mainly want to enjoy themselves during the festivals, but they’re still aware of the meaning of celebration.

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