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Thursday, November 10, 2016


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hello friends iam having adoubt please help me
my doubt was which IELTS exam is easy nd get good score IDP or BRITISH COUNCIL exam. waiting for your feed backs

Hello Simon,what the difference between "the amounts of waste"in the first sentence and the other "the amount of"
thank you


I used "amounts" when referring to all three companies, but "amount" when referring to one company only.

Dear Mr Simon,
Please tell me clearly the structure of this sentence:" While companies A and B saw waste output fall over the 15-year period", Two companies saw themselves waste output or the reader as we saw, if we saw I think It must be Passive voice structure. And " the amount of waste produced by company C" You used Past participle phrase? I don't really understand.Thank you for your explaining, I am really a bad student, Please sympathy with me.

Hi Phuong,

The companies "saw" the changes. Have a look at this lesson about using see / saw in writing task 1:


"The amount of waste produced" means "the amount of waste THAT WAS produced". To understand this type of sentence, read grammar point 3 on the website linked below.


Is (waste output fall) a compoumd noun made of three nouns?or i didnt understand the sentence?
Thanks a lot.

I wonder how to make a good overview with the 2nd and 3rd main points given by Simon, in which each point consists of two clauses. Could anyone help me, please? Anyway, this is my attempt. 😂😂😂

It is clear that company A was the biggest waste producer in the beginning of period, but most of waste was produced by company C in the end. While company A and B saw a dramatic fall over the fifteen-year period, there was a rise on the amount of waste produced by company C.

Hi Simon. Do you mind checking my overview.

Overall, we can see that waste produced by both companies, company B and company C have increased significantly in the first 5 years and company C continued to soar through the years whereas company B plummeted after 2005. The least amount of waste produced between those same years was by Company A, which started strong and dropped in number in the next 15 years.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.


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