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Thursday, November 03, 2016


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There was a general decrease in the volume of waste products except for company C. It is also noticeable that even though company C had the lowest amounts of waste output, this will be reversed by the end of the period.

There was a general decrease in the volume of waste products except for company C. It is also noticeable that even though company C had the lowest amounts of waste output, this was reversed by the end of the period.

It is noticeable that some companies tried to reduce their waste from the new century. On the other hand, we could also see someone chose an opposite way.

In general, over a 15-year period, the production of waste for company A and company B showed a downward trend, while for company c, the opposite is true.

Correct My last post: showed should be shows

In general, over a 15-year period, the production of waste for company A and company B showed a downward trend, while for company C, the opposite was true.

We can see that the total waste has been reduced in general. While company A and B contribute large amounts to this reduction, the number of waste tonnes produced by increases significantly to be come the lead.

Overall, the waste from production of the three companies changed significantly over the period of 16 years. In particular, both figures for company A and B decreased steadily, while the company C's figure shows a totally contrast.

It is clear that two out of three companies reduced their waste over the period shown. It is also noticeable that Company A was the highest waste producer in the most of years.

It is clear that both company A and company B have a dramatic decrease in waste production throughout 15 years. In contrast, the production of waste at company C rise gradually from 2000 to 2015.

It is clear that both company A and company B have a dramatic decrease in waste production throughout 15 years. In contrast, the production of litter at company C rose steadily from 2000 to 2015.

As can be seen clearly, the amounts of waste produced by comp A and comp B decreased over a 15 time period , while the figures for comp C's waste production increased dramatically at the same time.

It can clearly be seen that among the three companies,company C showed a dramatic increase of generated waste. On the other hand,both company A and B's production of waste decrease steadily over the given time period.

amounts of waste? Isn't it just amount?

It is noticeable that a major change happened in 2005 as the three companies started to look after their waste and it was reduced in the period from 2005 to 2010 comparing to the previous five years. We can also see that another change started in 2010 as a more reduction of producing waste noticed by the two companies (A and B), while the amount of the waste of the company C increased gradually.

It is noticeable that Company A and B has a linear decrease about the amount of waste produced during the period 2000 -2015. However this graph can not be enough to consider the pollution levels of these 3 companies' without knowing their production capacities used during the same period.

It is clear that there is a similar trend in the generation of waste by the first two companies. By contrast,the quantity of end products by company C increased significantly over the entire period.

The amounts of produced by company C increased during the 15 years period while company A and B showed a downward trend. As a result, company C produced the largest waste in 2015.

At first glance, it is clear that there are decrease waste production in two enterprises A and B, while this figures is gradual increase in company C. It also can be seen that the waste production of company B declines sharply over the period given shown.

It is clear that company A created by far the highest total amounts of waste over the period shown. While both company A and B gradually reduced their waste, company C saw a significant rise in waste generation.

It's noticeable that while company C had the smallest amount of waste back in 2000, the number had been increased during the 15-year period. At the same time, the waste amount of company A and B, which was significantly larger than company C in 2000, had been gradually decreased, and that makes company C the largest waste producer in 2015.

It can be seen that two companies have controlled on the waste product. However, waste produced by the third company has gradually increased in a decade.

Hi Simon,

I would be extremely happy if you could write more about writing General task 1. The main purpose of some letters are not clear and i don't know how to start the letter. in the last exam i had to write this letter:

you have recently organized a party for your company at a hotel and every thing was good except few things write a letter to manager of hotel and say:
-detail of the party
-why you were pleased about the service
-suggest for improvement

I appreciate if you please write this letter.


Overall,the wastes being produced, reduced considerably in two out of the three given companies,however it rose gradually for the third one.A dramatic fall in waste generation can be seen after 2005.

The line graph compares three companies in terms of waste generation from 2000 to 2015.

It is clear that the waste production was reduced significantly in company A and Company B over the period of 15 years. By contrast, Company B had been experiencing a consistent increase in generation of effluent in the same period.

The given diagram visualizes the changes in the amounts of produced by three companies over the period of 15 years between 2000 and 2015.

Overall, the total amounts of wastes considerably decreased through this period. The companies A and B had the same trend in cutting down the wastes generated while the last one presented an opposite trend.

Overall, all of three companies saw considerable changes in the proportions/quantities of waste produced by them. In addition, while two companies A and B had the same positive trend in decreasing the waste made by both of them, the remaining one presented an inverted trend.


We did a sample of that letter on our blog a few weeks ago.

The link is:


It is clear that the companies,which is A and B,has decreased the waste during the period from 2005 to 2015.Conversly, the amounts of waste has been risen by company C to produce.

In general, there was an apparent decrease of making waste by company A and company B. But for company C, it increased gradually over the whole period.

Dear Mr Simon,
Thank you for your help so much, please correct my mistakes in my overview ( please tell me It's right or wrong when I use "decrease" )
"It's noticeable that the companies released the vast of waste over a period of 15 years.In common, this amounts of litter has decreased a bit. specially, For C company, this has risen at the end of the period

The line graph depicts the amounts of waste produce by three different companies over a period of fifteen years from 2000 to 2015. There is a big verity of numbers of waste produced by the companies.

It is clear that the majority companies decreased the amount of waste produced all over the period. In contrast, company C experienced a rise trend.

It's noticeable the waste products of company C increases when most of the companies waste products reduced during survey period, , also the company B made a noticeable reduction of waste products at end of the period.



Overall, it can be noticed that two companies showed a dramatic decreased of waste products produced except for Company C. Furthermore, it is also noted that although company C started from a very low production of waste, the reverse was projected on the last period given.

Overall,the waste output in all the three companies varied through the period shown.While company A and B managed to cut down their waste totals,Company C experienced a gradual rise in its waste output during the 15 years period.

Hi everyone,
can anyone please answer the writing task 1 in Cambridge ielts 2, it's a table. I've been battling with it.

Here's mine 😁😁😁

It is clear that the majority of companies produced lesser waste during the fiveteen-year period. While company C had the lowest trend in 2000, it shows a huge increase over the last period.

My question is could I use 'had been producing' instead of 'produced', and 'showed' instead of 'shows'?

Hello Simon 😊😊😊

I don't know whether making an overview of one chart is easier than two charts. I hope the next lesson is still about making overview so that students become more good at finding 'big picture'. However, if you don't mind, I expect a practice of two chart overview as you did on 'money spent on children sports' essay.

This line graph depicts amount of waste produced by the three companies in the last and a half decades. One company produced more and more waste year by year, whereas the number of tonnes dropped every year of another company, the amount for third company increased at first and then being decreased at last.

Overall, it is clear that the graph comprised of three companies. Company A was the largest producer of waste from 2000 to 2010 compared to other companies but during 2010, company C replaced them and had the biggest amount of waste produced over the given period.

In general, waste disposal of these three companies varied over the period of time.Waste production of company c went up significantly from the smallest amount in 2000 to reach the highest amount in 2015, when comparing with other two companies.

It is noticeable from the graph that the amount of waste produced by company C increased significantly through the period of years shown. While company B showed a dramatic fall after 2005.

It can be noticed that Company A and B gradually reduced the waste over the 15-year and clearly gained the effort. On the opposite side, the amount of Company C's waste became the top among these three companies fron the least one in the period.


It is clear that company C produced by far the largest amount of wastes produced over the period shown while the other two companies showed a dramatically decrease in figures each.

It is clear that the amount of industrial waste produced by Company A and Company B decreased dramatically. While Company C, whose mass of waste produced in the beginning was smallest, ended up generating most garbage in the final year.

It is clear that company A produced by far the most waste between 2010 and 2012. Whilst the others managed to reduce their waste output, only company C saw a dramatic rise in the amount of waste material.

Good day simon please let me know what you think about my overview .
Please you are free to correct my overview also , thank you

Overall the graph shows tonnes of by-products generated by three companies over 15 years. Although company A showed a steady fall in generating by-products whereas company C maintained an increase.

It is noticeable that there were significant changes in the amounts of waste produced by three companies for the chart shown. Company C witnessed the considerable climb to the highest in the waste output from the lowest initially over the 15-year period.

Overall, while companies A and B saw a dramatic decrease in the quantity of waste, producing waste by company C sharply increased.

Overall, we can see immediately that both company A and company B in waste production,reduced dramatically between 2000 and 2015.While company C continued to its trend to generate effluent production significantly over this time.

Overall, it is evidently seen that company A and B had gradually decreased its waste production over a period of one and a half decades. However, company C had a reverse action trend wherein it gradually increased its production of waste for a period of 15 years.

Overall, there was significant changes on the three companies waste production. However, the total amount of waste output for the three companies combined in 2000 was approximately the same in 2015.

"(in 2000 waste = 4+8+12 = 24
| in 2015 waste = 10+3+7 = 20)"

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