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Thursday, November 17, 2016


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that's great need such a simple, outstanding introduction and an overview as well as para 1 and 2.hope to see more about simple paragraphs description properly in future.we do use more complicated terminology,which we do not understand ourselves.this tasks is all about proper description of the given data not about using rare words.

Hi. It is said that from first of November all the writing answer sheet of all centers around world will be sent to Australia in order to be corrected and from now on it's Australia who will give mark to our writing! Did you know anything about this news?! Do you think it is right or not?

Hi Simon
firstly,Thank you for your page. this is the first time I have written comment.
Please could you give me some advice for my comment below:
Many Thanks.

The graph illustrate waste ouput produced by company A, company B and company C between 2000 and 2015.
Generally speaking, the amount of waste produced by all three countries changed significantly during a 15-year period shown. While company C saw an upward trend, the opposite could be seen in two remaining companies.
In 2000, company C saw a lowest waste output, at 4 tonnes. afterward, it increased until overtook company B in 2010 and company C in 2012. By 2015. the amount of waste produced by company C was about 10 tonnes, which was the highest of all.
By contrast, the amount of waste produced by company A witness an downward tendency. it decreased from 12 tonnes to approximately 10 tonnes over 15-year period. the company B saw an rising from 10 tonnes in 2000 to 11 tonnes in 2005, followed by an dramatically plummet.

I have got my 2nd attempt result today (Test Date: 05-11-2016)

L:7 R:7 W:6 S:7

again frustrating, I need 7 in each part. But no improvement in my writing! I will sit for another test.

1st Attempt: L:6.5 R:7.5 W:6 S:6.5

Hi Simon,

Thank you very much for your helpful website.I am going through each page for my writing, It helps me to organize my thoughts.
I came across question, whats is the difference between in regard to and in regards to or with regards to and with regard to?

Thanks for your support again,

The line graph illustrates the quantity of waste products produced by company A,B, and C for a period of one and a half decades.

It is evidently seen that company C has increased gradually in the production of waste from year 2000 to 2015. However, in companies A and B, both have a similar downward trend in the amount of waste that they produced in the same period of year.

It is interesting to note that in companies B and C, both had increase dramatically in their waste production with a staggering approximation of 2 tonnes between the year 2000 to 2005. In addition, the gap between both companies have remained in the amount of 4 to 5 tonnes. On the other hand, in the same period, company A had experience a decline in their waste production for more than a ton.

Furthermore, during the year 2010, company B and company C had the same amount of waste, which is 7 tonnes, produced in this mentioned year. Moreover, after 5 years, company C remained its upward course until finally it gained its way to become the highest company that produced a huge quantity of waste products.

the line graph describe the number of waste produce in tonnes by three different companies during a 15 year period.

we can see form the chart that company C had consistent increased in the waste production from year 2000 to 2015. However company A and B both have downward trends in the amount of waste production during the year of period.

It is clearly seen, that company B and C has drastic change in their waste production. Company B had decreased in their waste form tonnes 8 to tonnes 4 (almost 50% lowered), while company C had raisen their waste from tonnes 4 to tonnes 10 (more than doubled). Company A is the only one who had decline in their waste production through out years.

In general, at a period of 2010 Company B and C has same waste production around 7 tonnes. However, company C remain in upward position to produced most quantity of waste and company A was stable to falloff in waste quantity.

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