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Friday, November 18, 2016


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Hi Simon,
I've received my results today like this: L=7.5 R=8.5 W=7 S=7
This is more than I expected and I am over the moon :) I wanted to thank you since your e-book and ideas helped me an awful lot! I highly appreciate your efforts to help us and I recommend your website all my friends who are planning to take IELTS.
Little encouragement: 2 years ago, I couldn't even say my name in English. if i got these results, everyone who makes a great effort can do the same!!
All the best

Congratulations Celine! That's an amazing achievement in just two years. I'm really happy that I was able to help you to do so well.

my speaking part 2 today is about an activity useful for health what, when , who with you and explain why it is important
my basic points were:
my company club , with my family especially my children, the swimming pool is safe and has all enough amenities,at weekends, we have a lot of fun
good for cognitive performance , breathing, use all body, srength muscles,to harmful to joints

these most of vocabulary which i have used
could you tell me , these range of vocabulary are high enough to get a good score or not.
i have spoken for 2 minutes without pauses and examiner has stopped me at end of 2 minutes

part 1

what do you do? working or studying

i am currently working as a chemist for ( my company)
why you choose it?
it is an interesting question, in fact, i love chemistry, it is my favorite, i love the chemistry that is all. it is like my hobby, not job i have to do to earn money

Hi Simon,
Im asking is it possible to say wanna or gonna at speaking test???

congratulations Celine can you please share your experience and how did you prepare for ielts ? to got this fantastic score ,my aim is to get 7.5 over all and at least 7 in each part


It's not a big problem if you say gonna / wanna in the speaking test - this won't reduce your score. However, I'd still recommend that you try to say 'going to' and 'want to'.

Hi Simon,
I am confused about how to answer the part 3 questions;like what differences between A and B; I will answer it as pros and cons question;How should I do will answer it directly and correctly;

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