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Friday, November 25, 2016


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can you share your experience about improving reading? For example, do you recommend to read some sort of book or magazine, on a daily basis, to improve reading?

Hi Simon,
I want to ask you if it's fine to say 'gonna' and 'wanna' instead of 'going to' and 'want to'in IELTS speaking

I would like to talk about one of my attainments that made me feel proud.
It was the time when I was studying at my university. There was a technological festival going on from my department. I thought to attend that tech-fest by making a unique project. I along with my friend Rohan build dark detector project, though I had very little time. The project allows to turn on our home light and fan depending on the light and darkness. On the day of project showing, many of our teachers admire of what we did with our limited knowledge. Surprisingly, we won the second prize in the competition. After winning the competition, I was pretty proud of myself.
I was so excited about the prize-winning and I called my mother to share my happiness.
That day is very special to me as I had won a great achievement on that specific day.

"Any correction is welcome"


'gonna' and 'wanna' are spoken English, so yes, they are fine to say. However, natives say them when speaking quickly, so if you say them slowly, they won't sound natural.

I'm going to talk about my first academic success that made me feel really proud of myself. It was the time when i passed my university entrance exams with flying colors and got accepted into two of the most prestigious universities where i live.

it was around the beginning of july this year after i had graduated high school that i had to take the exams that would determine whether or not I'm qualified enough to get into university. I was extremely nervous at that time because the tests were no where near easy, especially the math which was my weakest subject. However, I got through everything and when the results came, I was taken aback completely at how high my scores were!

I guess the main reason why i felt so proud of my achievement was the fact that throughout my high school years i was never really hardworking as a student and never get high grades consistently, but in my last year i realized that in order to achieve my dreams i had to get a good higher education. This motivated me to take all of the time that i had in hand to focus and prepare for the entrance exams. And in the end, I was proud that my hard work had been paid off well.

Then when i received the news that i got accepted into two well known universities, i was filled with complete joy and couldn't believe it at first, but then came to my senses when i remembered the hard work being put into these exams. Looking back at this memory, i just cant help but feel a sense of pride in myself!

a bit long but this is the kinda improved version of my original answer (which was horrible bc couldn't manage my time well :( ) feel free to correct me pls!

Well i am going to talk about the moment when i feel proud of myself. It was the time when i passed my bachelor degree with distinction and got flying colours, that was really a surprise for me because i never expect or dream about the "distinction" level. So it was the best day ever when i know that i got pass with distinction i never forget that day .And i proud of my self how much practise i did to get qulified marks bt fortunately i got colourful marks. And i felt very proud of my self the main reason behind that is my parents they are very happy .including this my mom and dad are the first who i share this happiness
*Any correction please welcome*

About 2 years ago, I got all A+ in my 3rd of collge, and that was when I was very proud of myself. I was not too bad academically, but I wouldn't say I was such an academic person. I knew I had a short attention spand and lost interests in things quite easily, so I wanted to work on my weakness and set a goal to ace all exams in that semester.

What I did was to increase my study hours little by little everyday because I thought I woudln't be able to manage a massive increasing workload. Looking back then, that was a good strategy. If I had studied too much from the beginning, I could have given up. It might sound a bit weired, but I also studied in the cafe near my college because of its peaceful, studious and contemplative atmosphere. I could study with a hot beverage listening christmas jazz. That was perfect for a person like me who became bored easily.

When I saw my great grades online, I was filled with joy and a sense of achievement. I was very proud of myself because I knew I worked really hard. When I stayed up late in the library, the words were swimming through my eyes, but I powered through.
This is why I'm very proud of myself. I've learned from this exprience that I can achieve what I want.

* short attention span :) Correction.

When mentioned achievement I am proud of myself, I can not help to share the experience that I ride bicycle to travel between Shanghai and Suzhou all by myself, the distance is approximately 100 kilograms.

That was during Chinese Lunar New Year holiday around 10 years ago, the second year after I graduated from college. After joined the celebrating in the new year party, I departed from Shanghai for the first day of the year, It was a drizzle day if my memory is correct.

To do long distance cycle was a dream for me during a very rather huge period, after the journey, I can say I made the dream come true after concurred several difficulties, such as the tiers of bike was broken in a place where can not grab any help from others, since it was merely a wild place; at the same, it was winter then, no restaurant was open for service so that I could get some hot food to gain some energy, instead, only can eat some bread with some bottle water, and so on.
I remembered very vividly that at the last miles to the destination I almost would give up and took a bus there, finally, after my attempt, I arrived at the hotel which was booked in advance very late that day.

Though several years already passed by, each time when I described this fabulous experience, I am full of pride of myself and willing to share with friends around me. In the future, I may involve a group volunteers to cycle to a place which would be much more further, and enjoy the happiness of this activity.

Here is my answer below.

"I’d like to talk about an impressive thing that I’ve done about 5 years ago. When I was in my final year of study trying to earn a bachelor degree in Nursing, at the same time, I also wanted to apply a programme called International Camp Counsellor Program. It took me a year to complete all the processes. This required the applicants go through an English pencil test, both Chinese and English interview, and apply for a visa once you’ve offered a position from a camp director. It was quite tough to me as I must pass all my compulsory subjects at my college and also looked for an English teacher who would help me to correct my autobiography due to I never write it in English before. I was acting like a busy-bee without having my own spare time but I knew the result will be worthwhile. I thought I may not able to fulfil my dream of experiencing other culture abroad, but I kept going and doing my best. At the end, I was delighted that I got the position.
In a nutshell, this is a challenging and rewarding thing that I have never ever done before. And I am really satisfied that I did an amazing job on managing both my study and the programme application at the same time."

Any suggestion is welcome.

Many Thanks.

I'd like to share good phrases to express feelings. Check out the below link :)


Dear Simon
Thank you so much for your attention.
I decided to improve speaking skill for my next academic IELTS exam. I am looking for a partner that speak together.
my email is

If I need to mention a moment when I proud of myself, I can say that it was happen last week. It can be seen small detail to other people but I was really felt proud of myself. I'm playing guitar since my childhood but I'd never tried to play Bossa Nova before. Last week, I tried to play a Bossa Nova song which is named Aquarela do Brasil. In the beginning it was too hard 'cause it's my first time for this kind of music and I didn't know anything about arrangements of Bossa Nova chords and notes. After that, I decided to play it. I motivated myself and I tried hundreds times. In the end I was started to playing the song, I thought that If I really want to something, I can do it exactly. Besides, I felt proud of myself. To be honest, I was over the moon that time, but now, it looks so simple. However, I still feel proud of myself.

Everyone achieves all goal and this is beacome to proud movement. i faced many proud movement in my absolutly life. but today i would share one incident this was becomed to attainment for me. i was working in automobile industy. we made one fabrication component. it name was front axle bracket. it was the part of tractor. we becomed all component and wait for Supllier investigator. suddenly i analysis this product. it becomed absolutely wrond according to drawing. our all staf was pensive. After this incident our md call urgent meeting to discuss this matter. it was shameful time of whole staff. then i look this all process and give opinion. this opinion made rise layer so we immedietly works this component. initially, we fill the drilling hone and finishing with grinder. after that start agair drilling on mtr machine with marking. after then i checked all dimention this was ok. our all staff was glad. this movement was incredible for me. because after this incident my sallery was increased. so this incident will always remember me.

whenever anyone achieve anything, he or she very proud for it. sometime it it simple think for someone but on the other side it may be achievement for someone else. Today i would like to talk about a achievement which feel me proud. It was in 12th standard. I was very hardworking as a student and get high grads in consistently. I also participate in each and every activity which has organized by school. 12th standard is a last stage of our school life, after completed it we are going to put foot on first stair of future. after completing 12th exam, our school had organized one function in which we should to attend it with our parents. first we had gone there and took a sit and enjoyed the performance which had prepared by our school students. After it our principal came stage and had to spoke about the student of that school, and he announced the two student names for the award, first one had for best girl and second one had for best boy. I really had no any idea about that time movement. First name was my classmate who name is Abhay. and 2nd name which i had heard is me. Means i could not believed that it that time. I remember i was very afraid for speak, but i spoke very well that time. i felt very well after that. After Returning at home i was so exited about the winning an award. That achievement i will never forget it with end of my life.

Any suggestion will mostly welcome. Dear Simon

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