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Tuesday, November 08, 2016


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Hello Simon,

I've noticed that in the Listening Test, you're not required to use the exact word you hear to fill in the gap. What if I missed the word but can guess the similar one to fill in the gap? For example in Cam 10 test 2 section 4, the correct answer for question 32 is just "global", as it is stated in the answer key. If I write down "international", and I think the whole sentence still has similar meaning (increase in power of large global/international companies), will I get mark for this one? If not, could you please explain to me why here?
I'm sorry if it's not related to the transcript you post here.
Thanks a lot!


I am afraid you lose mark in this situation.

Sorry Nana, but you must have spot-on accurate answers. Well, that's how tests work. There's no room for errors.

I didn't know where to ask my question but as it relates to listening I ask it here, sorry for my inconvenience.

In Cambridge 3 - test 4, question number 27 (listening section) the speaker tell the name of a book which in answer sheet is "sight and sound". As the word "site" has the same pronunciation with "sight", can "site and sound" be one other correct answer or not?! As it is the name of a book hence the word cannot be guessed by its meaning!

Thanks in advance

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