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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


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If any of you were still sceptical about Simon's advice on making keywords tables, I would be happy to show you a real-life example around me.

There is a girl who used to find it quite a struggle to deal with her reading exams simply because she was not able to get the meaning of the entire passage, and she invariably ended up losing herself. I urged her to stop doing this, strictly follow Simon's methods and keep creating tables, comparing the difference between each group of words. Her reading scores rose from 6 to 7.5 in the end although she still has bigger problems with writing and speaking. But that said this progress is good enough for her to get better offers as her overall score was rounded up to 7.

Remember to make your own version of keywords tables instead of merely reading what Simon does.

Hallo James,

How are you? Many days later.

Hi H.A.Kader,

It is true that I have not made comments on this blog for a while due to heavy workloads but I do check it on a regular basis to continue my language learning. While it was a painful experience in the past, it is unforgettable on the other hand and I am grateful that IELTS can make a difference in my life as it helps me lay a solid foundation for communication. I hope you, along with many other people, would be able to benefit a lot from this site as well.


Please someone give me an advice for listening. It is about 6 months I am listening to different videos, subject,... regularly, but still is not able to understand more than 32 or 33 questions in the Cambridge tests! Why is it like that? does it mean my listening did not improve? before listening to lots of videos, I was able to get around 32 questions.

What I understand from the meaning of One spotlight stuck is completely different from the meaning of an equipment failure.

Please explain it.

Maybe because I have not checked the Cambridge text.

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