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Sunday, November 20, 2016


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Great piece of advice from her :)

You've helped me think like you when I take the IELTS test, indeed! Thank you, Simon.


You are so realistic, kind and dedicated. You helped many people around the world to pass IELTS. It is very nice of you. Thank you so much.

Thanks Simon. I think all the students can benefit a lot from your blog!

Thank you so much, Simon. Your website is amazing! All the best to you!

I'm waiting for your Formal letters. I got 5 in Writing in last month exam. So I have to retake. I need more practice. Thank you for your video.


This is just marvellous. I am preparing for ielts and I couldn't find any site helpful than yours. Bundles of prayers

I just took my IELTS on 19/11 in Penang, Malaysia. I think it was quite manageable, especially the Writing part. I had a clear skeleton to help me finish writing within time frame.
Part 1: Changes of Shalton Village in 10-year period (map)
Part 2: 'Some people say we do not need printed paper newspaper any more." To what extent...

I had attended British Council IELTS prep course before and one of the tutor did recommend your blog as self- study material.

Thank you for your straightforward teachings, clear guideline and of course, systematic category for easy access.

I'm glad you liked the student's advice!

You are a very good and kind teacher!!!

I am suffering with ielts exam and don't have enough confidence about myself. As I took part in ielts exam previously two times and got band score 6 first time but 5.5 band score in my second attempt. After that, my confidence goes the lower level that I realize over some time period. What can I do in this difficult situation? I am eagerly waiting for some kind advice which I need at this time of my life.

Thank you so much Simon! I literally learned IELTS from your website. You're an awesome teacher!!!!

Hello Simon i am part of the ones that already "failed" twice in Academic IELTS and my motivation went down the drain. I need 7 in each, got more then 7 in 3, i even got 8,5 on the speaking part, but, when it comes to the writing, i just dont get it - i cant get any bigger then 6. What am i doing wrong, i mean, why would i get 8,5 in speaking and then such a lower score on the writting?? I need advice, a good one, i even had private classes however, very little improvement. Thanks.


My advice is to do 2 things:

1) Study my approach to both writing tasks, and make sure that you are writing your essays in exactly the way that I recommend.

2) Get some essays checked by an experienced IELTS teacher who can tell you where you are going wrong and what you can do to improve.

Hi Simon,

You should be proud of yourself and the great work you are doing. I have not taken the IELTS test and never tried it because I get scared anytime I decide to register for the exams since i don't have the confidence. I have looked at many websites on IELTS but I have not still gather the courage to register however, since I chance on your blog and started reading your advice and some of the model answers, I feel so confidence now that I can take the test. Thank you for this blog.

Thanks Ruth!

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