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Thursday, October 13, 2016


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Dear Simon,
Pls, give also some useful ideas about learning new words and working on vocabularies.


I always fail to compile my own vocabulary for IELTS.

Dear Simon,
I sat the test on 10th September and unfortunately got 6.5 in my writing which I need 7.The task one was about some changes in a town over one century which I have never practiced before and Task 2 was about whether companies need to make only their customers happy or their employees as well. Discuss both views and give your own.
Just wondering if you have time could you please give me some ideas about the second question.

Hi marzi,
I am afraid my opinion does not make any sense, but i try to share what's in my mind. Here my essay plan about whether company should merely prioritize customers' satisfaction.

1. Introduction (stating that making both cust and employees happy are important)
2. Why companies should make customers happy
-customers will feel comfortable and don't want to move on the other companies
-there will be positive vibes and more people are appeal to the companies
3. Why companies should make employees happy
-employees will improve thier quality
-they will do the best for the sake of companies
4. Conclusion

Sometimes I lack of ideas in making the main paragraph which should consist at least 5 sentences. Thus, I tackling this case by giving more examples or subjunctive, like what will happen if a company ignore the employees.

Sorry I am not a good learner 😊😊😊

Hi Mazi

I listed what I would write if I had this topic for exam.

I feel it is easier to argue companies should not only make customers happy but also employees, and this would be my introduction.

Paragraph 1: importance of having happy customers
-If they are happy, they would be loyal to the brand
- more sales and profits , fewer marketing expenses

Using any company use social media to advertise their products

paragraph 2: why does having satisfied employees are important
- better customer services
- result in good shopping experience
- eventually, having happy customers

another resaon
- improve productivity and creativity
- better products and more efficient operation
-less costs and gain competetive advnatages in competiton
- being able to lead the industry
( Google and Facebook are great examples)

Hope this helps.

where is task 1 lessons by simon inthis site,i couldn't find it.If anyone guide me please ill be very grateful.


Look in the "category" menu on the left.

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