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Thursday, October 06, 2016


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Hi simon. Could you please give some advice about improving general reading and understanding. thanks in advance.

Hello Simon, I got 6 in my writing exam and I would be grateful if you answered my question, the topic was (do you agree or disagree with the opinion that social activities are more important than those done alone? and why) should I have mentioned my opinion only?? because i mentioned in the first paragraph (the opinion that the activities alone are more important), then i stated in the second paragraph (my opinion that social activities are more important..)
in brief, does turning an agreement topic to discussion receives a penalty?

Hi Simon Sir,
I do registration for IELTS exam. My exam date 10th December, 2016. I am a weak student from Bangladesh. Specially reading section. What should i do.i need overall band score 7. Not below 6 at any band. Please give me some advice.It's is my first and final chance for exam; because my economical condition is not good.Thanks in advance.

Hi simon
In line graph is it ok to say it is a bell shaped curve ? Or it will be considered as statical term

Some of my students do a lot of math in task 1 ..I've corrected them but I thought if you could address this in your blog it would be helpful to a lot more people.
They tend to compare 2figures for eg 6.7 and 2.9 and they've written...It shows an increase of 3.8!
I'm sure the examiners are not looking forward to mathematical calculations!

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