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Monday, October 31, 2016


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you are right Simon. Skimming and scanning never worked for me. It just kills the valuable time.

Wow, interesting. Your advise is what I really prefer to do while working on reading. However, at my Ielts class, and many other Ielts preparation courses, I can see they all train students those skills - skimming and scanning. And to be honest, I find skimming is pretty useful in figuring out the main ideas of passages. So could you please clarify your idea for me by giving some drawbacks of the skills?
Thank you

How to get rid of spelling problems! I am suffering seriously. I do have a note to write down wrongly spelled words and I am not repeating those mistakes. But new words are keep coming! For example, I have just finished a listening test. I was utterly delightful to answer all the questions as I listened all clearly. But I still found 3 mistakes and all are spelling mistakes. Cambridge 10 LT 1, 37/40!

05. Casstle
13. Problem/s
34. Errosion

I am glad that you clarified my query.

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