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Monday, October 17, 2016


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Today I was practicing Cam 9 T 3, Reading Passage 1.
Here is the list of different vocabularies from Questions and passage:

Understandable reason=Most people feel they have a right
Language education= Linguistic education
Assessments of person's intelligence = Judge personality, intelligence
Exists today = Still with us
Pointless to try to stop = not to attempt halting
Misrepresented = Painting unreal picture
Popular speech = Custom of speaking

Good work Hero7.

Thank you, Simon. Any word from you could be extremely encouraging! Today's collection Cam9 T3 RP3:

Sent back spectacular images = transmitted pictures
Soared out = left
Brink of failing= about to stop working
The solution = the only hope
replace = change
Not an easy task = difficult

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