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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


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1. There are 40 questions and 4 sections in listening test.
2. Conversation between two persons, single speaker explaining something and dialogue among two or more people, I've practiced each of type of questions.
3. In between every section, and break in the middle of section 1, 2 and 3.
4. We should read the following question in advance.
5. Section 4 has no break
6. Yes, I do. I write down the wrong spelled words in a notebook and keep it for future revision.
7. No. In my opinion, every mark has the same value. So, equal importance should be given to all the sections.
8. In terms of vocabularies, both reading and listening section use lot of synonyms or similar meaning expressions in question.
9. We should leave the answer and focus the next question, come back to the missed question later during 10 minutes for writing the answer.

The answers usually come in the same order as the questions, so it is important to know where we are and which is the next question to listen out for.
Sometimes (often in section 3 or 4) there is quite a long period of "filler" and then the answers start again.

The main difficulty is knowing when you have missed the answer and need to move on. For m the solution is to pre-read the questions for the next section between each listening segment. The only way to know you have missed an answer is to be listening out for the next TWO questions.

Hello Mr Simon. I couldn't find the place where I can write my question. Could you help me with this essay question, I found it quite difficult.
"Children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social and commercial perspectives."
What are the causes of this pressures and what measures should be taken to reduce these pressures?

IF ANYBODY KNOWS, Please answer.

During speaking part, suppose, I have already answered something then immediately I realize whatever I said is grammatically wrong. In these cases, should I repeat the answer with correction? If I will repeat, what will be the probable impact on examiners mind/my score?

1st Attempt: L6.5, R7.5, W6.0, S6.5
2nd Attempt: 05 November 2016.


Good answers! Just a couple of things to add:

2) I meant the 3 types of question in this sense: gap-fill, multiple choice, matching.

7) My advice is to work on section 1 until you can get 9 or 10 correct answers every time. It's not worth worrying about section 4 if you can't do well in section 1.

The ability to self-correct (immediately) is a good skill. Just don't do this too often because it will affect your fluency.

Thanks a lot, Simon,

Getting reply from you is always highly motivating!

1st Attempt: L6.5, R7.5, W6.0, S6.5
2nd Attempt: 05 November 2016.

1. There are 4 sections of 10 questions, 40 questions in total.
2. There are three main types of question: gap-fill, multiple choice and matching.
Right now I’m practicing only gap-fill questions, because I want to become very good at Section 1.
3. There are breaks in the recording and they are: at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of each section. There is only one exception: there is no break in the middle of Section 4.
4. During the breaks you should read ahead and underline keywords.
5. Section 4 has no break in the middle.
6. Yes, I am. I’ve got a file Mistakes.doc, where I write down all misspelled words and how many times I made the same mistake, for example choiCe - 2.
7. I should spend more time practicing Section 1. Even though every mark has the same value, Section 1 is the easiest to get a high score.
8. There is a similarity between IELTS Listening and Reading which is necessity to look/listen for keywords or synonyms.
9. You should skip it and try to guess the correct answer at the very end of the test.

Great answers Dina!

Hi Simon,
If there is a gap mid sentence and I heard the answer as 'exception'
Will I get the answer wrong if in the litsening answer sheet I wrote the answer as 'Exception' ??
Kindly assist

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