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Saturday, October 01, 2016


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Dear Simon
Thanks for your advice. I have my exam next Saturday so I will just focus on revision now.

You are really helpful. Thank you sir.

I have the test on next Saturday as well! That's the advice that I really need right now!!! and good luck for both of us, Kiran :)

@ hitomi
Thanks.wish you best of luck

Hi Simon,

I would like to ask about your listening video course and writing task 1 for general training test? When will these course launch? I am really really waiting for these courses.

My best regards,

Minh Anh

Hi Minh,

Really sorry about the delay. I'm working on a listening lesson. I'll do my best to get those videos finished soon.

Thank you so much for all, Simon.

While waiting for the new video listening course, I will continue learning the available video course.

Thanks again for your efforts.

Hi Simon Sir,
I do registration for IELTS exam. My exam date 10th December, 2016. I am a weak student from Bangladesh. Specially reading section. What should i do.i need overall band score 7. Not below 6 at any band. Please give me some advice.It's is my first and final chance for exam; because my economical condition is not good.Thanks in advance.

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