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Sunday, October 02, 2016


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Tanks smon. That is a good advice for everyone.


What a great advice! Your advice is really practical oriented.

La bon,merci


this is so me.
and great advice sir


this is me ,so worried about to write a essay. because i konw i have lot of grammar mistake .

Hi,Andrew Don't care it what the grammar mistake,but pay a attention on the topic and plan it well

This advice is very helpful to me.what a wonderful explain for those who have fear to write anything like me.Thanks for your valuable advice.

just keep getting the same 6.5 mark is becoming a deterrent which is affecting me from going ahead it is just like going in an endless circle
it is quite frustrating.

Thanks Simon for your relevant advice and information .

Today I've found this topic very easy but when I wanted to write down I was so confused of how can I cover whole topic ..
People attend universitiesand colleges for many different reasons ( for example , new experiences , career preparation and acquiring knowledge .) Why do you think people attend universities and colleges?
That is how I structures :
My first answer is that
General idea . In my opinion , securing a decent job and enriching social experiences are the key factors .
1st BP : why they gain a better job . Explanation , example
2nd BP : How they achieve this new social life . Explanation . Example .
Conclusion , general statement of the question . In my opinion , my view in the BP .
My second one :
General idea ,but in my opinion , a new social experience is the main cause .
1st BP : why ( the examples in the question such as new experiences she's , career preparation and gaing knowledge ) are important ( so do we need to write about this example in the topic essay ? ) please .

2nd BP : my opinion ( which is attaining new social experiences ). Explanation .....

In Conclusion , while the reason in the 1st BP are crucial , I believe the acquiring new interpersonal skill is more important .

So my question here which structure or answers is right ? Please .

Comments are welcomed !


Hi Maya !
I am in the same situation , keep getting 6.5 .. My latest overall ielts score was 7.5 , all of the three modules were 7 , 7.5 and 8 but my writing was 6.5 ..

Dear Maya and Lana,

Don't worry, 6.5 means you are better than 6 and just need a slight improvement to catch 7. Best of luck for your next attempt.

thank you Hero7 we need the magic prescription
good luck Lana

Hi Simon
Im Prem from Mumbai India
I recently appeared for the Ielts test held in Sept 2016
I scored an 8 in the listening, writing and speaking modules but somehow managed to score a 6.5 in Reading, which is weird to say the least!
I would like to know if sending for remarking /reevaluation would help because i need a minimum score of 7 to be eligible for the PLAB.
It just seems odd and unfair to have a score of 6.5 in the READING module as I'm just a 0.5 shy of the required minimum for the plab
Its around 6.5k INR(£75) get it reevaluated and around 6 to 8 wks to get my scores updated
Kindly help.
Thanks a million

Its premscolaco@gmail.com
Sorry about the typo

HI Prem you had done marvelous it is unusual to miss the half mark in reading as much as it is unusual to remark reading .Plase can you give some tips in writing

Hi Simon,

Thanks so much for your useful advice. This student's problem is also my problem. I am so afraid of writing an essay too. But when I read your advice, I can feel a relief. I will try again.

Thank you.

Ms. Phuong

It seems that u were talking about me.I need to devote more time for writing then not only to score 7 but also to be confident that I can score 7.thanks anyway.

Well no fear or failure for me.I gave up on ielts for now as I fear that the 6.5 in writing is a burden for a lot of contestants,and I strongly believe it's related to Brexit and immigration in general ,and to my disappointment not true.I could be entitled to my own opinion but after having a few lessons with 2 ielts examiners (one is an ex- and was suggested to me by Simon) my essays where on the 7.5 level.After two revaluations of my last two tests nothing changed in writing while I scored 7.5 overall.

hello SIr,

a while ago,i was hesitant to take my 4th ielts exam this saturday October 8th, but when i read your advice, it seems to me that YOU are whispering into my ears with your words of wisdom and encouragement.

thank you again sir and for your patience in teaching us..

Hi, Simon! Just want to say thank you for sharing this website. It helped me a lot on my IELTS test last month. I got my results last week and I got an overall of 7.0, same for my reading and speaking tests, 7.5 for my listening, but I failed on my writing test I only got 6.0 (I didn't get to finish task 1) so I'm planning to retake this month which is why I'm here reading your blog again. Again, thank you for starting this website! :)

Hi Simon,
I want to ask a question about AC writing 1. I saw a recommendation which is that when we are explaining a process, it is not necessary to write a conclusion. Is that true? or should be write conclusion to all types of AC wiriting 1 questions
Thanks from now on:)

No problem norelyn and Mimi!



Here's my advice about that:


Hello.... Useful guidelines sir.... Me... From India.... I Wan to learn like native people.... And perform as well.....

Thank u so much for these useful advices.

I srongly disagree with that statement because of/for the following reasons? which one is the best and why?

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