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Sunday, September 11, 2016


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Thanks for these vocabulary phrases. i will attempt to learn these phares

Hi Simon

It seems like that there are some phrases or vocabularies for band 7-9.

How can I know these phrases?

Hi Simon,

I've been reading your lessons for a few days now, preparing for me test next month, aiming for a band 7. I have to say these materials are very useful, thank you!

However, I am also a little confused here. From what I learn from my tutor, he suggest us to develop three main paragraphs for each essay, but you normally only do two. Does this matter? Or what's the trick here?

Also, as far as I can see, you tend to illustrate each point of yours in one sentence only, or sometimes even a few opinions in one. I was taught that instead of listing all different points, we should focus on deeper explaining one point in each paragraph only. Could you tell me which way is more recommended and why please?

Thank you in advance. And again, your lessons are very helpful, greatly appreciated.



Both ways are fine Samantha. IELTS examiners want to read a good answer, and they are not trained to favour any particular method.

By the way, sometimes I develop only one idea in detail - it depends on the topic and the ideas that I have. Sometimes the question requires more than one idea per paragraph (e.g. advantages, problems, reasons).

Represent a threat to ?

what does that even mean...? typo maybe?

Hi Simon,

The conclusion part does not have any less or uncommon vocabulary. Is there any possibility that your score might be deducted?

No Erfan, marks aren't deducted in that way.

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