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Thursday, August 18, 2016


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Hi Simon!

I just registered for the exam and I chose to take it this coming Sept. here in Manila and as I run through the guidelines of BC I read that watch is not allowed inside the testing area and I was kind of hoping I could bring my own so I can time myself especially during writing task. Do they really required test takers to remove watch?

More power sir!

Dear Simon,

How should the candidates approach a pie chart without given any data?

In a real test, I was given four pie charts without figures on a map of America. The pie charts are only divided into different sections instead of projecting any percentage or numbers.

I hope your kind attention in this regard.


Hi there, Simon. I am sorry but my question is not related to the today's post.

I have had a trouble with one of the reading questions in Cambridge 11, Test 2, Passage 1, Question 3.

Extract from text:

Because of the way the ship sank, nearly all of the starboard half survived intact.

T/F/NG Question:

Most of one side of the Mary Rose lay undamaged under the sea bed.

My answer was FALSE because text says "the NEARLY all of the starboard HALF survived intact" yet the question say "MOST of one side lay undamaged". As you can see KEY WORDS are not matching.

However, books say the correct answer is TRUE. Can you give a bit explanation of that?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Simon,
I have a question. Please help me
Task 1:
The number of times consuming fastfood= The frequency of fastfood consumption ???
Thank you so much.

Hi Simon,
I wondered if I could describe a person or a family in TV series? Like John Snow and STARK family?(Game of the Throne). Will that be ok? Thank you!

When I do this exam, I also answered this False
Please help us to calarify this
Thank you Simon very much

Hi Simon,thank you so much I had relieved a lot of stress once I saw your video courses but I was thinking about measurement units in task 1 introduction. Is that alright if we don't mention it ?

Dear Sir,
I intend to take ielts soon and I just found your astonishing blog that I left a lot of lesson. How can I learn about 6 types of writing task 1?


Don't worry about putting the measurement / units in the introduction.



I'm glad you like my blog! You can find lessons about all 6 types of task 1 questions if you search through the lessons here.

However, if you want a detailed, step-by-step guide to the 6 types, try the video lessons that I've made on the website linked below.


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