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Saturday, August 20, 2016


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Hello simon
I had score of L8.5 R7.0 W6 S7.5
I asked for remarking but nothing changed,but in the next exam i had 6 in writing and after remarking changed to 6.5.My advice if your near your score just set another exam because first remarking took more than 2 months.

A friend got his writing remarked.scored 8 from score of 6.The other one remarked his speaking and got 8 from 6.5

Is crazy when British council and Idp is so inconsistent.

The new trend is now quality check for 2 weeks.

God help them

I asked for remark. I got 8.5 S, 7.5 R, L. 8, W. 6.5; it took two months and no change.....I'm preparing for my next Ielts test on September 15th.....

I did a remark for the test I took on 20th Feb, 2016. Since then it has been 5 months, no result is given to me back. I got L:7, R:6, W:5, S:6.5. I did quite good for task 2, at least I should have got at least 6. I did the remark to Spring board/British Council at Thailand. What should I do next? I need to have no band below 6 in order to pursue my master degree.

My colleague who is now in the USA, given 5.5 in writing and after re-evaluation his score increased to 6.5.

I got my result today.L 7.5,R 7 W 7.5 S 6.5.Whether i will go for remarking.Appreciate your suggestions.I got the result after 2 weeks quality check.Is there any chance to increase the score.

I got L 8, R7, S7, and W5.5. Should I ask for remarking?

I got a results of L8, R7.5, W7, S6.5. Does it worth for remark?

I appeated IELTS on January and result was s6.5, w 6.5, but r8.5 and L8.5. I went for reviewal and no upgradation.
I apeeraed again on 4th of August and result was s 7 r7.5 l 8.5 but w 6.5.Should I go for review?

Hi,Simon,I wonder if you can answer a question that has baffled me for a long time. In terms of the task response of IELTS writing task 2,a nine score should “fully address all the parts of the task(it's not so difficult to achieve)”and “present a fully developed position in answer to the question with relevant,fully extended and well supported ideas”.

My question is about the latter. If an examiner has a presupposition of the topic(every individual has his own start point about an issue and I think the examiner is not an exception),how could he/she consider an opposite view objectively?People are unconsciously disagree with whatever opponents say or write. When this happens,your idea,if unfortunately contradict to the examiner's,may never be thought fully convincing. I wonder whether it will lose some scores in task response or not. Or,as long as I fully developed my ideas and supported them by strong arguments or examples,I will get a full mark in task response,even if the examiner totally disagree with me?

For my first Ielts attempt I got R-7.5,L7,S7,W6.5. I attempted again in the month of June. I gave extra attention to my writing and I was really expecting a very good score for all my modules. Result was withheld for almost three weeks for quality assurance . Wen my result came I got 6.5 for S,L and W, R8. Many told me that not to apply for re-evaluation ,as they wont give an increase in score. I don't know Wat to do now..

Hi Anjali
If you need only half band from 6.5 to 7 I advice you to go for remark.

I took the exam ten times. While I was waiting for a remark (w:7 S:6 L:7.5 R:8), I enrolled to take it 2 more times. I received the results and they change it the speaking part from 6 to 7.


ps: My advice, do it. When I studied to learn English and pass the exam, I did not know if I had a problem or simply bad luck, that is why I asked for a remark. I had bad luck.

Thank you guys for the information.

My writing band score is 0.5 shy of my desire band score.

I am going to request for a remark today.


hi JMIelts,
How long does your remark takes? So you reckon should go for remark if I need 7 but got 6.5?

Hello Kiki. Around 40 days.
It depends. How many times did you take it? Which part do you want to remark?


I got a L 8, R 9, S 7.5, W 6.5 in my first IELTS test. Since I needed 4x7, I requested a remark on writing. Sadly, it didn't change my score. Since that, I've taken another two tests with both writing scored 6.5. Seemed like I need to make more effort on writing.

Hello Jason,

Read this

IELTS Advice: for people with 6.5

When students are stuck on band 6.5 in writing, they often think that they need a new technique, a new book or some new advice. This is wrong!

If you have a 6.5, it means that you are already getting band 7 in 50% of the scoring criteria. For example, you might be getting 7 for task response and 7 for organisation, but 6 for vocabulary and 6 for grammar (examiners can't give half marks in these criteria). Just a small improvement in one area will take you to band 7 overall (e.g. 7,7,7,6 = band 7).

If you are getting band 6.5, your method is fine. Don't change what you're doing; just try to find a small improvement in one area.

Hi JMIelts,
This was my third time and I need all 7. I got 6.5 in speaking for third time but got 7 before in my second time (but got 6.5 in my writing). I want to remark speaking but not sure if it is worth it because I don't feel like I did well in speaking test.

Hi JMielts,

Thank you very much for your advice. It does make good sense.


Hi JMIelts,
Also, where did you take your IELTS? :)

Kiki, if you have 6.5 in the speaking and 7 in the writing (and in the other areas too) go for a remark. I took the exam in Spain.

jmielts, yeah I got other components 7 or higher so I went for remark today (took the exam in Australia). Finger-crossed!!!

Go for it Kiki.

hello Jmmielts are you sure that if you have three 7 and one 6 in the four criterion the overall task 2 will be 7


It is from the Simon page. I am sure that he published the true.

Hi Simon!
I really need an honest advice from you..
I got my score today after quality check of 3 weeks with L=8.5 R=9 W=6.5 S=7.5...i need atleast 7 in each band with overall 7.5..in previous two attempts i already got 7 in writing.it was my speaking score where i eas lacking..
Should i go for remarking or to write another exam. I am really so disappointed today...

Hi Nikolina and JMIelts,

Look at the information given by sjm in the Comments on Simon's blog of December 16, 2015.

In the writing paper, if you score [for example in task 2] task response 7; coherence and cohesion 7; lexical resource 7; grammatical range and accuracy 6, this gives you an overall score of 6.5 [not 7].
As sjm says, you need 28 to score 7.

Thanks Walton

I am clear now. I have taken the Ielts 3 times and I get 6.5 on writing and grammar mistakes are putting me down. I have booked another one on September. Hopefully I will get a 7 this time.

“The continued rise in the world’s population is the greatest problem faced by humanity at the present time.”
What are the causes of this continued rise?
Do you agree that it is the greatest problem faced by humanity?
how should we organize this type of essay which is both discussion and opinion?
Thanks in advance

I have faced a score of 7.5 in writing for more than 3 attempts and have given for re-mark once. My scores were not changed.

Hey. ..
Please help me ..
My exam is near in 24 September
writing and grammar mistakes are putting me down. How I can improve my skills please tell me I need atleast 7 band

Pete Walton how come 27/4 is 6.5?
It's 6.75 therefore 7

Hi Nick

It is not, unfortunately, 7. Believe me, in the case mentioned by nikolina, it is 6.5. I refer you to the explanation given by sjm in the comments section of Simon's blog of December 16, 2015.

Do NOT confuse this marking procedure with the OVERALL SCORE of the 4 papers listening, reading, writing and speaking. For the OVERALL IELTS SCORE, the mark would be raised to 7.

However, in the writing or speaking papers, a student with a score of 27 would receive 6.5. For writing, you MUST score 28 for task response/coherence cohesion/lexical resource and grammatical range and accuracy. Only then will you receive a score of 7 for either writing in the writing paper.

Is this clear, Nick?

Hello sir, I had received my ielts test result today, and this is my first time taking ielts exam.


overall:5.5(And i need the overall 6)

So, i am looking for suggestions whether to remark my test or not. Because i feel that i had done quite well during the exam day, such as i understand what is the question asked, and finished the two essay on time. Besides that, i also get 5.5 and 6.0 as a results of my practice essays during the class from my lecturer, two weeks ago before my actual exam day.

So, sir do i have the higher chance to get from 4.5-5.0 or 4.5-5.5 in my writing task? Appreciate your valuable response. Thank You.

Hii,I got result today and in spk I got 5bands and am shocked .I need half band more so plz tell me rechecking is best or I will fill another test rather than rechecking .I got 6in another three modules .plz help me.

Hello simn i got my test result W6.5, S 6.5, R 7.5, L 7 is it possible I could get a remark 2 increase my S, and W to 7?

hi how much will be the cost of re mark? for regular academic ielts. thanks

I was able to see my results from my last exam: W6, S6, L7.5, R8.5 , im afraid this scores will change after the investigation. And i would like to know how much time my results will be out.

Dear simon ,

I got R-8 , L - 8.5 , W - 6.5 , S -7
Should I go for remarking since I need individual 7 in each skill


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