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Thursday, July 07, 2016


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thanks a lot


Great, I stuck that it is the same speaking test with three list to say some things
in 2002, 90 percent chose the international subject, 30 percent selected the math course, and only 15 percent registered the English languages
There are some differences choosing by student, such as mathematics, science, and physics

THREE LIST IS GREAT, thank you very much

hello simon
what can u advice a competent english langauge user to improve in all four parts of ielts test in general.

In this year, salesman A has sold almost 40% of total sales that supposed about 5 million, 30% salesman B around 3.7 million and others salesmen the rest amount.

1) What about using ellipsis?
"In the year 2010, over 5 million people bought product A, around 7 million product B, and nearly 10 million consumers product C."
2) Often we need to "compare and contrast" or highlight the main features; simple lists don't do this - we need "whereas" or something, don't we?

Hi Simon,

thanks for the information!

I have a question. One of the answers was "antifreeze" but I wrote "anti-freeze" Would it be a mistake?


I am one of the silent readers of your website for a year and I want to thank you for updates that you had provided every now and then. I just want to ask your ways on how to answer questions such as "does the advantages outweigh the disadvantage". It seem that this question is very common nowadays. One last thing, if you have time, can you show us some examples of combination figures in Task 1 (e.g. pie and table or pie and line graph).

I suppose it would be more relevant if such kind of sentence is used in a second detail paragraph.


Just keep following my lessons. All of my best advice is here.



1) Yes, you can do that.
2) This is just one type of sentence. A good essay/report would contain other sentences that compare and contrast, using 'while' etc.



"anti-freeze" would be fine.



I've done lessons about both of those things. Just do a Google search like this:

advantages outweigh disadvantages site:ielts-simon.com


two different charts site:ielts-simon.com

Copy and paste the above search terms into Google. Google will then show you search results from my website only.

we can say

7 million people buy product A ,compared to 5 million purchase product B, and 4 million choose product C.

thanks Simon very much for your help.

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