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Friday, July 01, 2016


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Dear Simon

I got an examiner who is too fluent to understand the question. I stuck twice in his question and every time I asked to repeat but in the second time, it seems his speed increased more devastatingly.

He was not a native (English) speaker.

Dear Simon,

I need to achieve 7.5 overall and 7 in each area in ielts academic so that I can work in health field in the UK.

I have taken IELTS academic 3 times since february 2014. All the times I achieved 7 overall and either 7.5 or 6.5 on listening, always 7 on speaking, either 7.5 or 7 on reading or writing.

So for the 4th time, I decided to do academic ielts on 18th June after I have prepared all these months with private lessons with a experienced english teacher.

Today I went online to get my ielts result of 18th june. To my surprised i got 6 on speaking, 7.5 on listening, 7 on reading and writing.

I was astonished with the speaking result. When I did the speaking it went well and i cant believe i was given a 6. So today i called the british council and asked for a remark.

Can you give me some advice what do you think I might do? How should i prepare for ielts?

I have done university in english and I have certificate of advance in english from Cambridge as well as first certificate. I do not know what i can I do to achieve the IELTS result I need and honestly I am starting to believe that this exam is not accurate...

Best regards,

Dear Simon,
I'm planning to take IELTS for the first time but it gives rise to some questions: does accent (UK/US) matter? Is creating word groups for speaking topics a good method to prepare?
Thank you in advance

1/Do you think there are too many game shows on TV nowadays? Why?

Yes there are many game shows in the TV nowadays and it is difficult to select one among them. With the tight competition in service providers, they are introducing colossal amount of games. For example, there are many channels on interactive games.Without those many channels, if we had only one channel we would have gone straightaway to that one.
Do you think that people pay attention to adverts on TV? Why?
Some people likes adverts. Because nowadays adverts are very creative and innovative. For example, there are some adverts, they make us to think about their product and they introduce new products to us such as new soaps, vehicles and almost anything. Without adverts we would have less choice to choose the products.

(1) Do you think there are too many game shows on TV nowadays? Why?

Yes I do believe so. There are so many TV channels, each broadcasting various programmes and shows. For instance, MBC in it's own has 4 dedicated channels, each broadcasting drama, oldies, family, kids, new, sports,...etc.


(2) Do you think that people pay attention to adverts on TV? Why?

Well, some people pay attention while others don't. It actually depends on the type of the adverts and the person who's watching it. For example, people who are watching a football match will feel annoyed by the adverts, while people who's watching a TV series would find it useful if the content is of their interest.

1. Do you think there are too many game shows on TV nowadays? Why?
I think there are more game shows on TV in recent years than they were before. They are developed as the results of the progress of society and economy in the global. For instant, when the economy of one country is developing, many show games concern about finance will happen and rise quickly to help the viewers, especially investors or the people work or study in this major the knowledge for appropriating with the economic trends. If there are not so many show games, the society will lack of one of channels to help many people the knowledge and relaxation that just have from show games.
2. Do you think that people pay attention to adverts on TV? Why?
In my view, many people pay attention on adverts on TV nowadays. Adverts are more colored from the stories to performance of the actor/actress due to inventive ideas to attract many people must watch them than they were made in the past. For example, I also like to watch the advert of Vinamilk - one of the products from milk and the advert brings to the image of cows with a song as well as dancing together to introduce they are fed safely, thereby producing clear and quality milk from them. It makes me fun and I also focus when the advert appears. I wonder if the TV doesn’t have the adverts, the first one will be affected is TV station because of lacking the income from the adverts. The second is the viewer because they not only cannot update the information about the products, but also they can’t feel relax after watching something in long time.

yes, there are several tv channel which are exclusively for games like star sports,sony espn and dd sports.Primarily,people are fond of games because it not only refresh the mind of people but also a great source of entertainment.Secondarily,its not feasible for everyone to go and watch the game live.So that's why on the demand of public game shows number has increased in these days.Finally,as broadcasters finacially help the sportsperson which can be a boon for the sports department.

I think many game shows are on the TV nowadays. They are very attractive programs to a lot of viewer. The show can directly interact both players and viewers with the big prizes. The more viewers watch the show, the more advertisement of a product reach to people quickly.

Yes I think people focus on the adverts on TV. They are edited careful and attractive. For example, some adverts are the small good cartoons that attract both babies and old persons. Though adverts, viewers an have more information about the products. It helps them to decide if the product are good or bad. Without the adverts on TV, it is hard to find any place to spread the information of the products to customers.

Hi Simon,
1.Yes, there are number of game shows on TV nowadays with different genres. Most of them are termed as reality game show to get the people or viewer's attention.
2.There are several reasons to become success such as hosted by a well known celebrity and involvement of audiences etc.
3.There is a game show in South India called as "Cash", it has been popular because audience can participate in live and viewers also can get prize money to answering the question before contestant do.
4.Nowadays viewer's are interested in experience but not in watching the traditional shows. If the audience are not engaged in a game show, TRP rating will fall down and show becomes fail.
As far as I know, many people pay attention on adverts on TV. There are somany factors playing key role. Nowadays adverts are coming with different concepts such as Cheeka(pug) with tag name "wherever you go I follow you" in the Vodafone network advert. Some of them are popular by hiring the famous actors/actress/ players as brand ambassador. Moreover, some adverts are concentrating on persuasion by showing the consumer's experiences in ad for instance, Amazon India ad.

Hey guys
I'm looking for a good speaker to practice speaking on Skype,I got 6.5 in speaking and wanna bring it up to 7

Add me on Skype: slloom2014

1)Yes, there are more and more game shows on screen these days in China. As the economy grows, people are fond of watching these programme in their leisure time and discussing with their friends. Normal people want to see what celebrates are like on reality shows like <>, and they also like to see people with special talents perform in front of the crowd with judges like the famous show<>. Without these game shows, people will feel bored after a long day working when they get home.

I think the ads on TV draw people's attention although we sometimes can't realize it. When people watch TV, they will focus on programmes, however, adverts will interrupt the show for about 3 to 5 minutes. During this time, some choose to leave the TV and relax for a while, but most of us will stay in this channel and therefore, watching or listening to the ads on screen, especially when the ad fits your need or the celebrity is just your type. So we can't resist the influence of adverts, although we always feel upset about them.

1.Do you think there are too many game shows on TV nowadays? Why?

Initially people used to entertain them by watch TV serials, movies, songs, devotional songs, cartoons(for kids) etc. But there are many people who prefer to watch the game shows and for them separate channels like ESPN, start sports, start cricket, ten sports are launched. People feel refresh after watching the sports of their own choice. Moreover there are many games shows which are shown on almost every channel which is actually seeks a viewer's interest in it. such as a show called 'KBC' was shown on star plus which was hosted by a famous actor Amitabh Bachan. That show gained complete attention of people because people were enjoying their participation in it. so it can be said that as per public's interest more of game shows are shown on TV nowadays.

well,it depends upon the choice of individual and kind of content watching on the tv.If someone is great fan of cricket,they don't like advert during game as they only want to enjoy the game.on other side, when we watch something not interesting then people focus more on the advertisement.Hence ,few advert are really a meaningful in our life ,for instance regarding smoking is injurious to our health,therefore aware the society about complication of addiction related to smoking.

Hey guys

Anyone have a RAOD to IELTS british full version subscription. I need some more practice zone and pratice test material of same.

1. Actually i rarely watch tv nowadays because i am kind of busy with work and family. But as i see it, most of tv programs is drama series, not game show, especially in the prime time. Many of tv station have drama series during that time. Maybe it is simply because of many people prefer it. Only 2 or 3 of them air news or other shows. Personally, i dont really enjoy that kind of drama series, which has really long episodes.

2. In my opinion, not all people pay much attention to the advert on tv because what they want to watch is the programs. So some of them switch the tv channel when it shows an advert. But i myself unconciously remember the tv adverts when i choose product in the market. Maybe it also happens to the other.

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